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Apu, now we need the continuity of a great team

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Apu, now we need the continuity of a great team

A clear path away and a spot at home in Juventus’ October. With the victory in Rimini the Apu Old Wild West got back on track in pursuit of Forlì, the only unbeaten one, and of Pistoia, at the top but with one more game played.

The ranking returns to smile, but it is clear to everyone that the games will be played later, given the A2 formula this season.

The team’s performances, on the other hand, leave some perplexity, especially on the offensive front. Let’s try to analyze the strengths and weaknesses shown by Udine in this first month of the championship.


Defense is Linus’ blanket of this APU, as we have also seen in Rimini. Being able to keep opponents under 70 points is a trademark of Boniciolli’s teams, when the thing failed (72 points collected by Cento) the only defeat came.

The other Juventus “policy” is the bench, with the second quintet the problems are often solved: no one, in A2, can afford to rotate ten men without losing quality.

As for the singles, October as protagonists for Sherrill, no longer a mysterious object, and Mussini, a lethal weapon from the bench. Esposito and Cusin also did well, concrete and reliable close to the basket. Briscoe showed a dazzling light, but still intermittently between approximate physical condition, injury and the short circuit in Rimini.

In this regard, we are sure that the boy will quickly understand that in Italy it is better not to joke too much with the opposing public.

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The offensive maneuver is still far from a continuity of performance from a great team, the shooting percentages confirm this: 51% from two and 31% from three, we can and must do better.

Two constants at the start of the season are turnovers (11.8 per game) and offensive rebounds granted to opponents (8.6). Individual chapter: more is expected from Gaspardo, devastating when he can attack in the open field, much less in defense.

Another who has to raise the bar is Mian, precious in the dark but evanescent work in the opposing half. There is plenty of time to change pace, but it would be preferable not to wait too long.

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