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Architect killed, another suspect released from prison

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Another release, which again casts a shadow of uncertainty on the case of Roberto Mottura. The architect killed in his house in Piossasco on the night between 8 and 9 June last he worked in Canelli. He was a close collaborator of the Marmoinox company: for this reason, the developments of the story have always been followed with apprehension. Another member of the alleged commando of thieves who went into action in the house of Piossasco, killing Mottura, was released from prison by order of the Review Court.

He is the second of the three men arrested about a month ago by the carabinieri of Turin and Moncalieri, who returns to freedom for the absence of serious indications of guilt.

This was the case two weeks ago for Flaobert Syla: his lawyer had managed to prove that on the night of the tragedy he was 800 kilometers away from Piossasco. At the moment he remains under investigation and the same goes for Mergim Lazri, who awaits immediate release. For the accusation, Lazri was investigated and arrested because a telephone user that the investigators considered to be in his possession, had hooked up a “cell” near the crime scene at times compatible with the attempted theft. But there is no evidence that irrefutably proves that it was Lazri who had the cell phone with him on the night of the murder. The investigation thus returns to its origins. With a very solid point: the challenge to the only member of the commando remained in prison – Emirjon Margjini, 29 – on whose position is weighed by wiretaps that very much resemble an extrajudicial confession. He would have been the one to shoot the architect when he tried to fight back.

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What linked Mottura to Canelli was not only his twenty-year professional relationship with the Canelli-based company, leader in steel processing stainless steel. There was also sport: the architect was a passionate cyclist, and devoted himself to long excursions with the Bikers Canelli group. «He was a great cycling companion and he was the one who designed the jerseys of the Bikers Canelli sports group», recalls Paolo Marmo, CEO of Marmoinox who shared work, love for mountain biking and a great friendship with Mottura. –

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