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Atalanta, Gasperini: ‘Hojlund among the best in Europe. stay? unpredictable market’

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Atalanta, Gasperini: ‘Hojlund among the best in Europe.  stay?  unpredictable market’

Since Atalanta’s retirement and guest of Sky Sport 24, Gian Piero Gasperini talks about the season that has just begun, the transfer market and goals. “It’s early days and we’re doing athletic work. Will Hojlund stay? I don’t know but he’s one of the strongest talents in Europe.” On his adventure at Atalanta: “Never thought of leaving, a handshake is worth more than a renewal, I have a great relationship with this club and I have the respect of the people”. On the favorites for the championship: “The usual, plus Juve and Roma”

Guest at Sky Sport 24, Gian Piero Gasperini talks about the start of Atalanta’s new season, how the new team is being born, goals and expectations, including on the transfer market: “It’s an initial phase, everyone has different preparations, we always start with players who we don’t know if they’ll stay or leave, lots of guys, lots of loans, a few years ago the teams were already made, it’s the first few days we’re doing a lot from a physical and athletic point of view while we wait on the tactical side”. In recent days there has been a lot of talk about the transfer market and above all about Rasmus Hojlund who Manchester United likes so much: “If he stays? I don’t know, I honestly don’t know, the transfer market is unpredictableI don’t know the value of the player, he can be worth even 100 million, but the market value is uncertain, there are strong players who struggle to find a place and other young players who reach certain figures, Hojlund is among the very first emerging players in Europe”.

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“Holm? There are good players but we’re covered”

As far as the incoming transfer market is concerned, Emil Holm could be an interesting profile: “There are good players who could be useful for us – Gasp explains again – There are already many players in that roleit will be necessary to make choices and take players who make an evident improvement, we basically have all the roles covered in all departments”.

“Never had the feeling of leaving, great relationship with the company”

For Gasperini, the eighth year at the helm of Atalanta begins, an adventure that has not brought titles but great satisfaction: “Sometimes they reproach me that Atalanta haven’t won any trophies but in Italy there are the Scudetto and the Italian Cup, the Scudetto has never been within reach, we came close to the Cup but the thing that makes us proud is having brought Atalanta from a medium-low range to a higher range, it’s not easy, for me every year we manage to reach Europe it’s an extraordinary result, every time a player leaves my heart cries but this is our story and it’s our satisfaction”. I have a great relationship with the company, there is esteem and respect and then the consent of the people, they are all fundamental components and as long as it goes like this… The renewal? For me, a handshake is like a contract.”

“Atalanta will continue to value young players”

As they have always done, Atalanta will continue to value their players and always try to renew themselves and guarantee themselves a better future: “The new Scalvini? It’s not easy, it’s not like every year someone like Scalvini emerges, the Atalanta youth sector has had less brilliance lately, now Samaden has also arrived and he will be able to do well. For Atalanta it is essential to have young people to launch and enhance, the future and also the present of Atalanta passes through this. Atalanta’s resources come through this type of operation. Every year we are ‘forced’ to sell the best young players against important offers in order to be competitive”.

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“Arabs are not inexperienced: they build enthusiasm and invest”

The irruption of the Arabs into the world of football doesn’t seem to worry Gasperini too much: “This Arabia thing is not to be underestimatedinvestments are high but historically it is like this, first there was Italy, then England, then China now Arabia, they are enthusiastic and want to invest in football and they’re not that naïve.”

“Favorites? The usual plus Juventus and Roma”

As for the championship which will soon start, who are the favourites? “The same because they are also making a very important market, we also put there Juvemaybe even there Roma, we must try to improve and be careful behind us. We will find a championship more along the lines of the second round”.


Seven A teams on the field today. Milan beat Lumenzzane 7-0, with a double assist from Pulisic and a goal from Romero, while Napoli scored 6 at the Anaune: Politano scored the first goal of the season. Verona also wins. Goleada of Atalanta, who overwhelmed the Representative Val Seriana with 11 goals: Hojlund also scored. 5 Lazio goals at Primorje. Empoli and Verona win. Fiorentina equal with Parma ALL THE SUMMER FRIENDLY OF THE 20 OF A


Scorers: 5′ and 17′ Pobega, 17′ Messias, 20′ and 56′ Colombo, 65′ rig. Romero, 67′ Zeroli


Scorers: 4′ Zappacosta, 12′ Hojlund, 20′ Boga, 22′ Latte Lath, 57′ and 80′ Lookman, 63′, 67′ and 72′ Pasalic, 75′ Koopmeiners, 83′ Maehle

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Marcatori: 33′ Hongla, 42′ Ngonge, 84′ Diao


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