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Barak, Faraoni, Lasagna and the law of the former Udinese, pay close attention to those three

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In Friuli they have not left their mark, especially in Verona the first two have been reborn and want to spite the bianconeri


In football that of the ex is an unwritten law. But it often works. So tomorrow at the Bentegodi Udinese will do well to beware of those three guys who wear the Hellas shirt and who until recently wore Udinese’s shirt around Italy. The three in question are Antonin Barak, Davide Faraoni and Kevin Lasagna. The first two in Verona have re-launched in a big way and above all the Czech could become one of the precious pieces of the next market. The third, Lasagna, even managed to worsen his already bad average score for Juventus, but you know, it’s not a good idea to trust the former. Never.

The numbers of the Czech midfielder are simply amazing. In 20 appearances, including 18 as a starter, he scored 8 goals, thus breaking the personal record that belonged to his first season in Friuli. Three days ago, against Sassuolo, he even took away the whim of scoring his first Italian hat-trick. Tudor, even more than Juric, managed to get the best out of Barak by proposing him permanently in a more advanced position. In Udine Antonin was the midfielder in the 3-5-2, in Verona he is one of the two attacking midfielders placed behind the only striker in the role. We do not know how grateful Barak is to Udinese for bringing him to Italy and making him known to great football, we know that he left badly with Friuli: in the summer of 2020 there was a queue outside his door to try to convince him to stay, he didn’t want to know.

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Lasagna also couldn’t wait to get a change of scenery, but in his case he found no one to hold him back. Just 2 goals in the first round in Friuli, as many after the turning point in Verona. Today he is stopped at 1 in 17 appearances of which only 8 as a starter. Plus 2 assists. But that was other things they expected from him in and around Bentegodi.

He arrived in Udine in 2012 within the Handanovic operation when he was 21 years old. He was conditioned by an incredible series of injuries that prevented him from finding continuity. Yet his career has said that Udinese was not wrong to bet on him. Restarted from Crotone, he is today one of the best winger in Serie A. Like Barak, he too has put together 20 appearances out of 24 scoring 2 goals and providing 4 assists. Faraoni is not at its best but is still given as recoverable. Potential good challenge of him with Udogie.

Udogie already. He made the reverse journey: from Verona to Udine. In the shadow of the Arena he was born there and grew up in the Hellas nursery. Silvestri, on the other hand, has relaunched. In short, even Udinese has two cards from the former to play. Which will be the winning ones? –

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