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Bellinger returns to Cubs on three-year deal – MLB.com

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Bellinger returns to Cubs on three-year deal – MLB.com

Cody Bellinger, the former MVP award winner, is making a return to the Chicago Cubs with a new three-year pact. Sources have confirmed that the Cubs and Bellinger have agreed to a deal worth $80 million. This agreement includes a clause that could potentially lead Bellinger to sign with the New York Yankees in 2025.

The breakdown of Bellinger’s contract with the Cubs reveals that he will earn millions this year. Fans can expect to see the talented outfielder back in action with the Cubs for the upcoming seasons.

News of Bellinger’s return to the Cubs has been met with excitement from fans and supporters. With his impressive track record and skills on the field, Bellinger is sure to bring a competitive edge to the team.

Stay tuned for more updates on Cody Bellinger’s contract and his future with the Chicago Cubs as the season progresses.

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