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Brazil plays and shows Serbia beaten by Richarlison

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Brazil plays and shows Serbia beaten by Richarlison


Brazil wins, has fun and sometimes impresses. In his first outing at the World Cup he is the one who – together with Spain – most strongly confirms his status as favorite. The stars play, dribble, shoot and have fun. However, Richarlison put his authorial signature on the match in which the Brazilians did not leave even a chance to Serbia, feared on the eve, signing the 2-0 final with a brace. Ugly duckling in the first half, he turns into a swan in the second half.

His second goal – control and half volley – is by far the most beautiful of these World Cups so far. Ruthless in defense, dribbler in midfield, Tite’s Brazil appeared smoky in the first half in attack: dribbling, crosses, feints, long shots made the ghost of the national team of inconclusive jugglers resurrect in the memory of the green-and-gold fans of the Lusail stadium, in the city of the same name built about twenty kilometers from Doha for the World Cup. Serbia, on the other hand, managed to destroy their opponents’ plots for 45 minutes, well fielded by Stojkovic. Brazil shows up with a 4-2-3-1 formation and starts by pressing the Serbs high, who aren’t impressed by their opponents’ technique. Serbia counters Brazil blow by blow, Vinicius on the left engages Zivkovic hard. Neymar, aggressive, is hit hard after 7′ by Pavlovic, immediately booked. It is Brazil that has more initiative but Neymar and Casemiro’s shots from outside don’t worry Milinkovic-Savic, then Vinicius shows up alone but the goalkeeper himself gets it right. He is the liveliest Real striker, Milenkovic saves on him who had let him go away awkwardly. Raphinha always gets lost at the decisive moment after excellent ideas, Richarlison doesn’t really enter the game. After the break, Brazil returned to the field transformed, pressed by Serbia who were no longer able to get out and the chances rained down: after a sensational relaunch error by the Serbian goalkeeper conquered by Raphinha, but the shot was saved.

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Neymar also gets Gudelj booked. In the 14th minute, sensational left-footed post by Alex Sandro from outside the area, with Milinkovic-Savic beaten, but the pressure from the green-and-gold increased and the Serbs were no longer able to cross the half-field. In the 17th minute Richarlison’s goal, practically on his first appearance in the game: Neymar goes to the left of the Serbian area and leaves for Vinicius who shoots. His left foot is rejected by Milinkovic-Savic on Richarlison’s feet who just has to place it in the empty net.

Vlahovic and Lazovic enter for Serbia, the maneuver of Stojkovic’s men seems to revive but Brazil is now master of the situation and always restarts with danger. In the 28th minute, Richarlison’s masterpiece, the most beautiful goal of the World Cup: again Vinicius, master of the left wing, goes away and puts the ball in the center of the air, the Serbian defenders stay away from the Tottenham forward who lifts the ball and spins in reverse at the edge of the post. Two balls touched, two goals, the second to be framed: it’s Richarlison’s evening. The rest of the match is a Brazilian firework, the centre-forward man-of-the-match and Neymar come out, who gets hurt. In the 36th minute the crossbar denies Casermiro the goal with Milinkovic-Savic who stays put, then the same goalkeeper saves on the newcomer Fred. With Spain, Brazil is undoubtedly the team that has most convinced at the debut.

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