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Brunetta alla Fascina: “I dwarf, always raped for my height” – Politics

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Brunetta alla Fascina: “I dwarf, always raped for my height” – Politics

Rome, 24 July 2022 – “I did not choose to be tall or shortI am responsible for my ideas, for what I do, but not for being a stopper or a dwarf “, like that Renato Brunetta replied to the post by Marta Fascina on Instagram. The blue deputy, after Brunetta’s farewell to Forza Italia, had created one stories from Instagram in which there was the inscription “Rome does not reward traitors”. In addition, he had posted the song “the judge” by De Andrè, the text of which tells of the climb of “a dwarf” to the top of the judiciary.

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An indelicate and ungrateful attack for Brunetta, who intervening at half an hour in more than Lucia Annunziatahe addressed directly to the Fascina: “They tell me capp or nano e I have suffered and continue to suffer because of this. But luckily I have broad shoulders because I have done many things, the university professor, the European parliamentarian, I have been minister twice “.

Brunetta also pointed the finger at Silvio Berlusconi “something broke, like love affairs, and when something breaks it no longer mends itself. I love Berlusconi, but suffer personal invectives, even ferocious ones, from him and his environment, it hurt me “, referring to the ‘rest in peace’ directed at the Forza Italia ministers who have left the party.

Brunetta was struggling to hold back her tears when she asked on TV to be judged for her political experiences and nothing else: “I’m responsible for this, but not for my stature.”

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The PA minister continued, struck at his weakest point: “Marta, I wrote books, I did many things, but be raped about this, look, not for me, I have broad shoulders, but for all those boys and girls who have not had the good fortune to be tall and beautiful and are suffering and may have an example in me, from the series: but look at Brunetta, cap and dwarf as it is, see where it has arrived … ”.

The Annunziata therefore understood the difficulty and diluted: “But she has blue eyes”; “Thank you”, Brunetta replied.

On social media, the president of Liguria and Italy in the Center, Giovanni Toti, expressed his solidarity with Brunetta: “Dear Renato, I saw you at Lucia Annunziata’s. Chapeau! For me you are a giant. When we agree but also and especially when we are not. Because respect for people and their history is the most important thing “. To which is added the deputy of Italia Viva Michele Anzaldi: “Shameful bodyshaming attacks that Brunetta suffered from Forza Italia, congratulations for the courage to have denounced them publicly on TV and for having put the defense of her ideas before Berlusconi’s electoral interests”.

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