Home Sports Cagliari remains on the high seas and Joao Pedro does not go to Salerno

Cagliari remains on the high seas and Joao Pedro does not go to Salerno

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Cagliari remains on the high seas and Joao Pedro does not go to Salerno
Joao Pedro

For now only exits and no purchases, Cragno signs with Monza

One week to retreat. And twenty-four hours to the presentation of the new coach. But Cagliari – loans aside – is still that of Venice. Joao Pedro himself, who also seemed to have already been ready for Salernitana, is still thinking about it: perhaps he fears, going to Campania, that he will have to face another troubled season like the last two. And so he expects, from Italy and Europe, a call from a potentially center-table team. Maybe Turin, which has not yet resolved the post Belotti. And deep down, the captain is waiting for him. Tomorrow should be the day of Cragno’s medical examinations in Monza. And next week could be the right one for Carboni’s transfers to Monza and Bellanova to Inter.

In short, there are three certain or almost certain departures. And for the others it has to wait. With the possibility that those who are under contract must start their preparation with Cagliari. With many greetings to the immediate re-foundation of the base group to face the Serie B. There are many situations in the balance. And I risk training with suitcases getting stronger. In defense ready to go Goldaniga and Ceppitelli. In midfield, flight ticket in hand for Nandez. But we still don’t know where. If he were to go to Napoli, 2000 Zanoli, defender, 12 appearances in Serie A last season could be included in the deal. Marin could go to Empoli overnight (loan plus 8 million for redemption figures in circulation), but there are also requests for Deiola, indicated as future captain. Rog always has the same temptation, that of staying. Especially if he were to understand that Cagliari is building a good team. There is Tramoni, but it is not said that he will remain.

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Everyone is still there in attack, but from Joao Pedro to Pereiro, the future seems far from Sardinia. The fate of Pavoletti has yet to be understood, Keita, Gagliano and Ceter will certainly leave. Even Cerri seems destined to stay in Como. Luvumbo remains. Arrivals? Viola is in the detail. But the target is a 2002 class, born in Nuoro, twenty-eight matches in Serie B with Cosenza. The profile is that of Aldo Florenzi. Mezzala, inspired by Barella, also had former Cagliari player and coach Pierpaolo Bisoli as coach last season.

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