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Cagliari so you throw yourself away: too many points lost in direct clashes

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Cagliari so you throw yourself away: too many points lost in direct clashes
Joao Pedro in Genoa. He is counting on the captain for a happy championship finale

Against Genoa, Salernitana and Venice only two draws in four games. The rossoblùs are still masters of their destiny but must manage the advantage

SENT TO GENOA. Cagliari has fallen back into the “vice” that is the common denominator of this season: losing points with low-ranking teams. The three teams that are still behind the rossoblù, namely Genoa, Salernitana and Venice, have left Cagliari the misery of two points out of 4 matches played so far. Genoa won both matches, while the other two drew in the 90th minute in Cagliari. The ranking is also and above all crying for this. The last gift, that of Sunday, was really a real football suicide.

No justifications. But the biggest mistake now would be to look back and make excuses for the missing points. There is the biblical risk of remaining in salt and letting the precious commodity of Serie A escape, chasing regrets and letting oneself go to despair. In short, no distractions. The future of Cagliari is now. And there the players and Mazzarri have to watch. Four games, a tough schedule but still an advantage to manage. As if to say: fate is in the hands of the rossoblùs. Woe to forget that.

Schizophrenic path. Unfortunately, to justify the missteps, like the last one in Genoa, he indulges in the litany of lost opportunities in the league. Rattling off the reasons and circumstances of the points not scored in the first round, of the games played well but lost, of the near-misses. Mistaken. If Cagliari is in this situation, they just have to recite the mea culpa. Football is not made of oneself, but of points made. The schizophrenic progress of the rossoblù tournament is there to tell what kind of contradictory season this team has had. 10 points in the first 18 days, then 15 in the following 8, an average that would have guaranteed safety in the carriage. Finally 3 points in the last 7 games, thanks to the success against Sassuolo, the only flash in the midst of six defeats. The route must be reversed starting on Saturday against Verona. Winning and waiting for the results of the others to be favorable, still winning also to breathe a little before diving into the final rush: a glowing transfer to Salerno, Inter launched towards the championship at the penultimate at Unipol Domus, and closing on the ground of Venice, perhaps demoted at that point.

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A contrast between Nandez and Badelj. The Uruguayan returned after an absence of 3 months

Marassi’s lesson. In short, Genoa must really serve as a lesson. It lasts as long as you want, but you must not let it pass lightly. In short, remember that Cagliari had shown that they were clearly more of a team on the pitch. That Genoa won because they believed in it until the end, showing an ugly, dirty and bad face and a really depressing game. The Grifone grabbed success with the strength of desperation, clinging to everything to achieve its goal while Cagliari toyed with the illusion that they had now taken the point they needed.

Full pink. Hope comes from the squad that is gradually recovering all the injured. And players of the depth of Rog, Ceppitelli, Nandez, even Strootman, can make the team more solid and give it back that soul, that spirit that has been lacking on so many occasions. Grit, courage and desire to get out of this situation are the weapons to be deployed. Only in this way can the small advantage, but which still exists in the standings, be maintained until the end of the tournament.

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