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Chaos masks, the Tar makes melina. Gagged to the seats and to maturity

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Chaos masks, the Tar makes melina.  Gagged to the seats and to maturity

Rome, 8 June 2022 – What a bad end to the masks. Sanremo’s catchphrase was never more apt. While the sweltering heat wave of recent days makes the Ffp2 of bus drivers slip under the chin, the issue of personal protective equipment ignites the political debate showing all its inconsistencies. At the center the knot of school, transport but also the obligation to seats in view of the referendum on justice on 12 June. If with the attention focused on the war in Ukraine and the arrival of summer, Covid has disappeared from the spotlight, to remind us of the pandemic there are the masks, which must now be worn intermittently. So much so that from being an effective tool for preventing contagion, they have become an annoying, and in many cases unsanitary, accessory that is kept crumpled in a pocket or bag because “somewhere still needed”. In the darkness of cinemas, where control is almost impossible, the wearer can count on his fingertips, also because popcorn and soft drinks give the right to exemption. During conferences, even if it is compulsory in indoor halls, practically no one wears it anymore and this does not seem to cause a scandal. In discos, shops, bars and stadiums crowded with thousands of people for matches or concerts it should not be worn. The same is true for public workplaces but not for private ones where surgery continues to be necessary. Transport remains a stronghold of the FFP2, while the school has been a bastion of surgery since May 1st. Yesterday in the council chamber, before the third section quater of the administrative court, the appeal proposed by Codacons was discussed to request the suspension – and the subsequent cancellation in the trial of the merits – of the ordinance with which the Ministry of Health April 28 last year …

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