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Childhood Sweethearts Run Freely: KFC Supports the 2023 Meizhou Marathon

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KFC Guangdong Supports 2023 Meizhou Marathon, Advocating a Healthy and Low-Carbon Lifestyle

Date: 2023-11-06 14:53:18

Guangzhou, China – The 2023 Meizhou Marathon, held on November 5, attracted 20,000 runners who experienced the unique charm of Hakka culture in a “free running” attitude. This year, KFC Guangdong showed their support for the event through the “K-Run Running Group” and the transformation of their KCOFFEE pop-up store into a “Free Gas Station,” providing loving meals to volunteers and promoting a healthy, low-carbon lifestyle.

KFC “K-Run” Running Group Joins the Meizhou Marathon

KFC has been a part of Meizhou since the opening of its first Meijiang restaurant in 2002. Over the past 21 years, KFC has grown from a cherished childhood memory to a trusted neighbor in the community. KFC has continuously tailored its products to suit Chinese tastes, offering a digitalized experience to consumers. Whether it’s on the bustling streets of the community or at a vibrant marathon event, the friendly smile of Grandpa KFC is always present.

The KFC “K-Run” running group, comprised of passionate KFC fans and the beloved Qiqi, took part in the Meizhou Marathon. Holding the KCOFFEE “Childhood Sweethearts Run Freely” hand-waving flag, they embarked on the marathon route. From Meixian District People’s Square to Fuqian Avenue and Gongyuan North Road, the “K-Run” running group ran with high spirits and a steady pace, appreciating the beauty of Meizhou’s scenery. Among the members of the group was Xiaoqiong, the manager of the KFC Keji Road restaurant, who participated with her 5-year-old daughter in the mini horse race. She expressed her joy in running alongside her sports-loving friends and seeing her daughter motivated by Qiqi’s presence. This marathon not only brought health and happiness but also created beautiful memories for parent-child bonding.

KCOFFEE Pop-Up Store Promotes Healthy and Low-Carbon Life

The Meizhou Marathon featured an upgraded route and services, providing a new experience for runners. As part of the event, KFC created a KCOFFEE pop-up store with the theme “Childhood Sweethearts Running Freely” at Meixian District People’s Square, the starting point and ending point of the Meima Horse and Mini Horse races. The pop-up store delivered hundreds of heartwarming meals and “zero-carbon” oatmeal to Meima volunteers, advocating a low-carbon lifestyle and offering a different dining experience.

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The Meizhou Marathon volunteers expressed their gratitude to KFC for their warm encouragement, which motivated them to provide outstanding volunteer service.

The KFC KCOFFEE pop-up store, adorned with warm red colors and featuring a giant KFC grandpa, became an attractive spot for runners. Themed check-in points such as “7KM Meixian People’s Square” and “Meixian Horses Together” invited runners to capture memorable photos. Moreover, the pop-up store offered a “carbon reduction” check-in interaction, where citizens could earn carbon beans by participating in various tasks such as self-ordering without disposable tableware and watching garbage classification videos. By scanning the QR code, participants could enter KFC’s online “Little Green Store” and redeem discounts on “Natural Zero Carbon” oatmeal latte. This innovative initiative aimed to educate and encourage citizens to adopt energy-saving and carbon-reducing habits, contributing to a sustainable future for Meizhou.

In 2022, KFC launched online and offline “Little Green Stores,” integrating the digital world and real-life experiences to practice their “natural and comfortable” sustainable development concept. The initiative encourages consumers to embrace energy-saving and carbon-reducing lifestyles. By joining the Meizhou Marathon, KFC not only accompanies consumers in witnessing the beauty of Meizhou but also advocates for a healthy and low-carbon lifestyle, driving participation in environmental protection and sustainable development.

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