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Unlocking and Playing Pyoro W in WarioWare: Move It on Nintendo Switch

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Unlocking and Playing Pyoro W in WarioWare: Move It on Nintendo Switch

WarioWare: Move It Introduces Fan-Favorite Pyoro W as Unlockable Mini-Game

The beloved WarioWare series is known for its fast-paced and addictive microgames, but fans also enjoy the extra content hidden within the games. One such fan-favorite unlockable game is Pyoro, a mini-game featuring a bird with a long tongue. Throughout the series, Pyoro has been seen spitting out seeds and even becoming a massive final boss. Now, in the newly released WarioWare: Move It on the Nintendo Switch, Pyoro reaches its latest evolution with Pyoro W.

To unlock Pyoro W, players must have played and seen at least 200+ of each of the mini-games in WarioWare: Move It. This can be achieved by progressing through the game’s Story Mode, which features a variety of microgames based on different characters. However, to view all 223 microgames, players will need to play each character multiple times, as there is no way to see them all in one run.

The game’s design makes it impossible to see all the microgames in a single playthrough of Story Mode. Each character’s story ends with defeating a final boss, preventing players from experiencing all the microgames in one go. However, once a character’s story is completed, players can revisit their adventures and access an infinite number of microgames with increasing difficulty and speed.

To keep track of which characters have been completed, players can visit the museum in the game. Inside the museum, completed characters are marked with a star, while those that are incomplete will show the number of missed microgames. This feature allows players to easily see which microgames they have yet to play.

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The character list in WarioWare: Move It includes Wario, Munnar, Crygor, Penny and Mike, Ashley and Reed, Oblon, Kate and Anna, crickets and mantises, Jimmy T, Dribbling and Spitz, 9 volts, and Wario Volcano. Each character has 21 microgames, except for Wario, who has 13.

If players want to quickly view the microgames they missed, they can simply watch the credits for each completed character. By this point, players will have enough skills to easily play through multiple character turns and see the previously missed microgames.

Once all characters have been completed and marked with stars in the museum, Pyoro W will appear on the map, allowing players to access the fan-favorite mini-game.

Playing Pyoro W involves controlling two parallel islands by tilting the respective Joy-Con controllers. The goal is to guide Pyoro as he tries to eat falling objects and avoid enemies. The game features different enemy types, fat or slim rolling Pyoro, multipliers, petals, and more.

Fans of the WarioWare series can now enjoy the latest evolution of Pyoro in WarioWare: Move It. With its addictive microgames and quirky mini-games, the game offers hours of fun and challenges for players of all skill levels. So, gather your Joy-Cons and get ready to unlock Pyoro W and test your gaming skills!

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