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Chinese Super League Prospects: Can Henan prevent the league leaders from changing coaches? Guoan urgently needs a rebound – yqqlm

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Chinese Super League Prospects: Can Henan prevent the league leaders from changing coaches? Guoan urgently needs a rebound – yqqlm

Original title: Chinese Super League Prospect: Can Henan prevent the league leaders from changing coaches? Guoan urgently needs a rebound

Beijing time on August 15th, the 13th round of the 2022 Chinese Super League is about to be contested. There are still two games in this round that have been postponed due to the epidemic. Among other matchups, Songshan Longmen in Henan and the three towns in Wuhan are the most contested. It is interesting to note that the two teams in Shanghai do not know what state they will show after one more round of rest, and whether Guoan, who has changed coaches, can get out of the trough is also worth looking forward to.

In this round, the Hebei team faces the second-ranked Shandong Taishan, and I am afraid that it will be more fortunate. Although the Hebei team played a morale in the last round, it still lost 3-4 to the Jinmen Tigers, and currently only leads the bottom of Guangzhou City. , ranked second from last, and the relegation situation is in jeopardy.

On the other hand, in Shandong Taishan, despite the lack of foreign aid after the start of the second stage, the team only has Cressan and Moises available, but in view of the stability of the overall strength, the Taishan team still won two games, and Cressan scored consecutive goals and became a player the team could rely on on offense. The good news is that foreign aid Fellaini came back from the bench in the last game, but his condition has yet to be recovered, and Sun Zhunhao is already in quarantine and will join the team soon, so the Taishan team in this game is likely to be easy. To win, so as to continue to chase after the three towns of Wuhan.

Tianjin Jinmen Tigers VS Changchun Yatai

Jinmen Tigers staged a goal battle in the last round of the game, winning 4-3 against Hebei, and currently ranks 8th with 5 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses. This season’s performance can be said to be quite satisfactory. The new aid Merida the team has just signed can be said to be seamless, integrate very quickly, and also scored goals in the last round. It is very likely that he will occupy a starting position in this round, forming with Rosa and Beric. The offensive combination of the midfield and frontcourt is a test for Changchun Yatai’s defense.

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Yatai’s last round of matches was postponed, and they got a rare rest time. However, their competitive state in the 11th round against Shenhua was questioned by the outside world. The procrastination of the offense and the untargeted substitution also made it difficult. Coach Chen Yang was at the cusp of the storm, and this game became an opportunity for Yatai to win self-redemption. The two teams of foreign players are neat and similar in strength. I believe they will play a wonderful game.

Shanghai Seaport VS Shenzhen Team

The last round of matches between Shanghai Haigang and Shenzhen teams was postponed, so both teams should have no problem in terms of physical fitness. The Haigang team has not performed well recently. The last time they won the game can be traced back to the 9th round of the first stage. They beat the Guangzhou team 1-0. After Oscar left the team, the Haigang midfield organization was once again thrown into chaos. The Dalian natives drew 1-1. The integration of the new aid Caron does not seem to be quick, and the return of Wu Lei will take some time. Therefore, how to solve the problem of organizing the attack for the Haigang team also needs Lecco to think of a way.

The Shenzhen team lost 0-2 to the newly-promoted Zhejiang team in the recent game. Currently, the team is only ranked 10th, with a certain low morale. It is worth mentioning that the national football selection team has left Haikou. Therefore, in this game, the four international players of the Shenzhen team, Dai Weijun, Ye Lijiang, Xu Yue and Xu Haofeng, are expected to return to the team. If the Shenzhen team can win the game, then they will be in the game. Overtake opponents in the standings.

Shanghai Shenhua VS Chengdu Rongcheng

Compared with Chengdu Rongcheng, Shanghai Shenhua’s last round of matches was also postponed, so they may have a certain advantage over their opponents in terms of physical fitness, and the team’s Chinese players Zhu Chenjie, Jiang Shenglong, Liu Ruofan and Wen Jiabao have also left Haikou with the selection team, while Shenhua Quan The team also flew to Dalian together, so Zhu Chenjie and other international players are likely to return to the team in this game, which is tantamount to helping Shenhua team.

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Chengdu Rongcheng has been in good spirits recently. The team has won 4 consecutive victories, and the points have risen to 7th place. Especially in the last game, Felipe made a pass from the bench to help the Chengdu team 2. -1 reversed the game, and Felipe, who even scored goals, also found an offensive feeling. He may be the biggest weapon for the Chengdu team to win.

Henan Songshan Longmen VS Wuhan Three Towns

This game should be the most concerned one in this round. The two teams are both in the top three teams, and both of them are in the top two in the Super League in attack power, so this game is destined to be an offensive battle. The Henan team was upset by a 1-0 defeat by Meizhou Hakka in the last game. The team’s general Luo Xinran was suspended. This is quite unfavorable for the Henan team. The new aid Pina is in isolation. In recent days, Kalanga has not returned to his best state, and the last two games have been off the bench, so this game is probably the worst game for the Henan team this season.

The three towns of Wuhan continued to sing their praises. The 5-1 victory over Beijing Guoan was enough to go down in team history. The foreign aid Malcon staged a big four, and his state was bursting. There is a high probability that coach Pedro will continue to send the strongest lineup to face the game. , the offensive combination of Malkang, Davidson, Stanqiu and Xie Pengfei will take turns to attack the defense line of the Henan team. If Sanzhen wins this game, they will lead Henan by as many as 11 points. It is likely that the title of this season will be narrowed again. Sanzhen and Taishan will stage a two-man turn in the remaining games.

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Meizhou Hakka VS Guangzhou City

Guangzhou City, which has lost 10 games in a row, has basically locked in a relegation spot. The performance of conceding 4 goals in 15 minutes in the last round has also been questioned by the outside world. In this round, facing the Meizhou Hakka, which has been gaining momentum recently, I am afraid Will refresh his losing streak again. Meizhou Hakka is currently ranked 5th with 20 points, which has greatly exceeded the team’s expectations. Especially in the last round of the league’s 1-0 away win against Henan, it also proved that they really have the strength in the forefront of the Super League. Against the vice squad leader in this game, I am afraid it will be another A big win.

Wuhan Yangtze River VS Beijing Guoan

Although Wuhan Yangtze River was affected by the unpaid wages, the morale of the team was low, but they won a 5-0 victory in the last round. Foreign aid Forbes staged a hat-trick in 15 minutes, and the state was not lowered due to the unpaid wages. In this round at home against the precarious Beijing Guoan, winning must be the primary goal. If the team can win, then they will widen the gap with Guoan.

After the fiasco of Guoan in the last round, the coach Xie Feng took the initiative to resign. The team is already at its lowest point. I don’t know if a coach change can bring some good luck to Guoan. As for the players, Adebenro is still absent, and there is no definite news on when he will recover from the injury. Dablo has been slow to integrate into the system. Only Memisevic has played his due strength, and the striker can only rely on Zhang Yuning’s personal ability. Guoan will have a hard time scoring if he is marked to death. If this game is lost again, I am afraid that the ranking will drop again. (DD)Return to Sohu, see more

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