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Chinese tennis opens another golden era-Sports-China Engineering Network

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Chinese Tennis Opens Another Golden Era

The 2024 Australian Open has been a historic event for Chinese tennis, marking the resurgence of the country’s dominance in the sport. Chinese player Zheng Qinwen reached the women’s singles final and secured the runner-up spot, while Shang Juncheng broke into the third round in the men’s singles competition, achieving a new record among mainland Chinese male players in the Australian Open. In addition, a total of 9 Chinese players made it to the men’s and women’s singles main draws, solidifying a strong presence for the Chinese Legion at the Australian Open.

This resurgence comes ten years after Li Na’s championship win at the Australian Open, which was initially viewed as an accident. However, Zheng Qinwen’s success indicates the beginning of a new era for Chinese tennis, with higher expectations and more exciting moments yet to come.

Zheng Qinwen’s journey to the finals was a breakthrough for the 12th seed in women’s singles, solidifying her position as a top player in the world of tennis. Her achievement signifies a thriving tennis environment in China, with an increasing number of players participating in international competitions.

The rise of Chinese tennis can be traced back to a “golden decade” from 2004 to 2014, which laid the foundation for the current success. Li Na’s two Grand Slam championships were influential in activating the domestic youth tennis training market, leading to an increase in the number of registered players and the development of tennis infrastructure in China.

The recent success of Chinese tennis players is evident in the release of the world ranking list of women’s professional tennis, which highlights Zheng Qinwen’s rise to 7th place and 7 Chinese female players in the top 100 globally. This achievement places the Chinese Legion as the third-ranked team in the world, following the United States and the Czech Republic.

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The recent performances of Chinese male players in international competitions, including Shang Juncheng and Zhang Zhizhen’s milestones at the Australian Open, signify the growing strength of Chinese men’s tennis as well.

The resurgence of Chinese tennis was highlighted on January 25, referred to as the Australian Open’s “China Day,” where past and present Chinese tennis players made significant appearances. This date marked both the end of a golden era a decade ago as well as the start of a new golden era for Chinese tennis.

As Chinese tennis continues to thrive, the future looks promising with the emergence of a new generation of talented players. The successes at the 2024 Australian Open are a testament to the country’s growing dominance in the sport, with high hopes for many more victories in the years to come.

– China Youth Daily, Beijing, January 29

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