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Chinese University Sports Delegation Ready to Serve and Achieve Dreams at the Chengdu Universiade

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Dedicated to Serve the Country and Achieve Dreams at the Chengdu Universiade – The Inaugural Meeting of the Chinese University Sports Delegation was Successfully Held

The inaugural meeting of the Chinese University Sports Delegation for the 31st Summer Universiade in Chengdu was successfully held in Changchun, Jilin Province on July 12. The meeting was significant in gathering athletes, coaches, and relevant staff to discuss preparations and goals for the upcoming event.

Vice Minister of Education and head of the delegation, Wang Jiayi, delivered a mobilization speech at the meeting. In his speech, Jiayi highlighted the importance and honor of representing China in the Universiade. He emphasized that sports carry the dream of national prosperity and national rejuvenation and that achieving good results in the competition is a task entrusted by the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

Liang Renzhe, Vice Governor of Jilin Province, also addressed the attendees and expressed his support for the delegation. Comrades in charge of the Sports Department of the General Administration of Sports and the Student Sports Association of the Ministry of Education informed the team about the work plan. Representatives of athletes and coaches took an oath, symbolizing their commitment to give their best efforts in representing China.

The meeting stressed the importance of the Chinese delegation embracing the spirit of the Universiade and representing the country with excellence. They were encouraged to improve their skills, enhance their confidence in winning, and add luster to the competition with outstanding results. The delegates were reminded to display Chinese culture, values, and the demeanor of a great nation. They were urged to promote cultural exchanges with aggressive, friendly, civilized, and polite sports ethics and qualities.

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Morality and discipline were also emphasized during the meeting. The delegates were urged to strictly abide by the red line of competition discipline and the bottom line of anti-doping regulations. The Chinese delegation aimed to ensure that the issue of doping would not arise and bring glory to the nation, the spirit of the nation, and enrich the event with excellent sports performance and spiritual civilization.

The Chinese delegation consists of 411 athletes from 100 colleges and universities, with an average age of 22.9 years old. They will participate in all 18 major events and 261 minor events of the Chengdu Universiade. The delegation is determined to seize this final critical period of preparation, train hard, and train scientifically to be in top form for the competition.

The inaugural meeting concluded with a renewed sense of unity and determination among the delegates. They were inspired to embody the spirit and values of the Universiade, and with enthusiasm, they pledged to strive for success. The Chinese University Sports Delegation will continue to work diligently to make the Chengdu Universiade an international sports event that highlights Chinese culture and the vitality of the youth.

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