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Colpaccio Voghe in the den of S. Angelo with Andriolo and Bahirov (double)

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Excellence, Italian cup. The Rossoneri dominated the first half, in the second half the Lodi reaction was not enough: it ended 2-3


A courageous Vogherese and convinced of her own means surprises the quoted Sant’Angelo, in the match of her debut in the Italian Cup. After an impeccable first half, with the Rossoneri leading 3-0, thanks to a high-level choral performance and a great Bahirov, the hosts react and reopen the contest, giving life to a throbbing final. The Sant’Angelo dates back to 3-2, but Voghe, despite the various absences, resists and thus captures a success that instills confidence for the future and for the Pavia derby that will open the championship next Sunday.

Flawless first half

At the start, Voghe on the field with 4-2-3-1, with Selmi as an attacking midfielder, fundamental in marking the play barasino Lazzaro and Bollini in the unprecedented position of right-back. Tomasoni’s team starts strong. At 4 ‘, a high pressure from Selmi triggers Andriolo’s action on the left. The young striker accelerates and finishes on the net, finding the complicity of the goalkeeper Colnaghi, who messes up and lets the ball slip into the goal in an awkward way. The immediate goal gives further life to Voghe, organized and always inclined to high pressure. After an insidious free-kick by Lorusso, thwarted by Colnaghi, Voghe doubles in the 20 ‘. Selmi masterfully serves Bahirov in depth, who controls and slips into the corner with the left-handed. The Sant’Angelo pays the backlash, and in the game, he finds no alternatives to the long throw towards the center forward-buoy Marzeglia. The only real danger for Voghe in the first part comes from a free kick. At 34 ‘, Lazzaro on a free kick triggers Marzeglia, who heads with his head, but finds the response of an attentive De Toni; on the following corner, the duel is repeated, and De Toni again says no to Marzeglia’s aerial attempt. The excellent first half of Voghe leads to the trio, at 36 ‘Bollini from the right out draws a perfect cross for Bahirov, who heads on the net for his personal double. In the second half, Sant’Angelo tries to react, but has to deal with an always compact Voghe, and an amazing De Toni. Between 12 ‘and 27’, the Rossoneri goalkeeper performed in three important saves, foiling twice on Marzeglia and then on Vai. touches the intersection of the poles with a left-handed player. At 28 ‘, the hosts remain in ten, for a forbidden blow by Marzeglia against Casali. The man less, paradoxically, helps the Sant’Angelo who phrases more and forcefully returns to the race. Silla slips diagonally at 31 ‘, at the invitation of Vitali, and at 43’ Gritti with the head, on the development of a corner, shortens to 3-2. In the end, Voghe suffers, but retains the success. Group 16. Ranking: Varzi, Vogherese 3; Sant’Angelo 0. Next round (22/9, 8.30 pm): Vogherese-Varzi –

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