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Covid Bulletin: 48,456 new cases in Italy today. Admissions are still growing

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Covid Bulletin: 48,456 new cases in Italy today.  Admissions are still growing

Rome, June 26, 2022 – Decline in new cases of Covid in Italy: today there are 48,456 against over 56 thousand yesterday (here all the data of 25 June). This is what emerges from the bulletin of the Ministry of Health. However according to theHigher Institute of Health (Iss) the numbers do not reflect the real infections: in this phase characterized by the circulation of highly transmissible variants “there has been a sharp increase in non-notified cases” due to underdiagnosis or ‘self-diagnosis’. Furthermore, from the latest ISS monitoring, it appears that they are in increase in reinfections: in seven days they rise to 8.4% compared to 7.5% last week, with a higher risk in the unvaccinated, in women and in the younger age groups.

The Covid bulletin of June 26

There are 48,456 Covid positives recorded in the last 24 hours in Italy, against 56,386 yesterday but above all 30,526 last Sunday. The processed swabs are 199,340 (yesterday 258,456) with a positivity rate that rises from 21.8% to 24.3%. There are 44 deaths (yesterday 40), bringing the total number of victims to 168,102. Hospitalizations are on the rise: 2 more terapie intensive (yesterday they were equal to zero), which are thus 227 in all with 18 daily admissions. And other 190 more are the hospitalizations ordinary (yesterday +137) for a total of 5,532.

The region with the most cases is still there Lombardy with 6,941 infections, followed by Lazio (+6.693), Campania (+5.458), Emilia Romagna (+4.487), Sicily (+3.938) e Veneto (+3.908). Total cases since the start of the pandemic come to 18,234,242. The discharged / healed in the last 24 hours are 19,320 (yesterday 31,532) for a total that rises to 17,332.70. The currently positive ones are 29,961 more (yesterday +25,301) for a total that rises to 733,440. Of these, 727681 are in home isolation.

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There are 5,458 new cases of Covid 19 in Campania in the last 24 hours out of a total of 19,269 tests (15,627 antigenic and 3,642 molecular). 2. Of the 573 ICU beds available, 23 are occupied; of the 3,160 hospital beds available, including private ones, 361 are occupied.

In Emilia Romagna in the last 24 hours there have been 4,487 new Covid positives. Three deaths. There are 31 patients currently hospitalized in intensive care (+1 compared to yesterday), in the other Covid departments they are 862 (+46 compared to yesterday). The total number of people healed are 2,548 more than yesterday and reach 1,493,742.

In Veneto there are 3,908 new Covid infections, while there are 2 victims. The total of infections since the beginning of the epidemic rises to 1,830,588, that of deaths to 14,785. The increase in the current positives continues, which are now 57,632 (+1,311). The number of hospitalizations worsened: the number of people hospitalized in the medical area rose to 565 (+16), those in intensive care, 27 (+1).

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