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Cristiano Ronaldo joins Saudi team Riyadh Victory

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Cristiano Ronaldo joins Saudi team Riyadh Victory

Original title: The total contract value is 300 million euros, signed until 2025 (quote)

Ronaldo joins Saudi team Riyadh Victory (Theme)

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Xu Yangyang

The Saudi team Riyadh Victory officially announced on December 31, 2022 that Ronaldo joined the team. According to local media reports, Ronaldo will receive a signing bonus of 100 million euros and a total salary of 200 million euros, including an annual salary of 70 million euros and some business commitments and other types of contract incentive income. This means Ronaldo will be the highest paid player.

Riyadh Victory official media wrote: “The greatest athlete in the world, officially joined! The club chairman Musali Al Muammar signed a contract with Ronaldo until 2025. Ronaldo will wear the No. 7 jersey. This is not only It is making history and will inspire our club to be even more successful, our league, our country and future generations to be better. Welcome Ronaldo to the team!”

“I’m looking forward to experiencing a new league in a different country. Riyadh Victory’s vision for the future is very inspiring and it’s a pleasure to work with my teammates as we work together to help the team achieve more success.” Signing Afterwards, Ronaldo responded like this on his social media.

Due to violations of discipline and private interviews, Manchester United announced on November 23 that Ronaldo would leave the team immediately after consensus. Since then, Ronaldo has followed the Portuguese national team to compete in the World Cup in Qatar. During this period, Ronaldo has been looking for his next home, but the 37-year-old has no place to settle in the European giants, at least he will have to cut his salary significantly before he can be absorbed. Therefore, after some twists and turns, Ronaldo finally chose to win in Riyadh, who never gave up on him. But this also means that Ronaldo will stay away from the most watched European football.

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Riyadh Victory’s current record in the Saudi League is 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, ranking second in the standings.

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