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De ‘Longhi still deals with a shooter and a center the club does not want to make mistakes

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On 6 August Treviso Basket will meet again in Sant’Antonino to start preparing for what will be its most demanding season ever, between the championship, the Super Cup, the Champions Cup and, hopefully, the Italian Cup. At the moment the 5 + 5 roster that the company will make available to coach Max Menetti is made up of eight players, so two are missing.

This is the situation (the new ones in bold). External: Bortolani, Casarin, Harnessed, Russell. Ali: Akele, Sokolowski. Centers: Chillo, Jones.

Basically there are two foreigners missing, a 2-3 shooter (someone has circulated the name of Justin Gamble, Menetti’s protégé but obviously impossible) and the center to support Jones, practically the substitutes for Logan and Mekowulu, who have chosen Sassari. The sporting director Andrea Gracis, together with Menetti, as usual is considering dozens of offers, proposals regarding elements that could complete the team: the problem will be choosing them with good reason, in the sense that they will have to have certain characteristics to be technically complete with who ‘is already. And maybe, as the coach prefers, they also have a double dimension, that is, being able to fill a couple of roles, like almost all the other eight. Last year there was a need for two corrections in the race, those concerning Tyler Cheese and Jeffrey Carroll: it is true that the substitutes, Sokolowski and Lockett, performed very well and indeed were decisive for the sixth place, but it is evident that this time it would be it is good to avoid making other errors of evaluation so as not to be forced to run for cover again. This is why the club is in no hurry to announce the two who are still missing, because it wants to evaluate them with the utmost attention so as not to run into other situations such as those of last season. The fans are waiting with confidence. –

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