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Defeat Nanjing Team Shanxi Men’s Basketball Team 135-107 and win the “stuck battle”-Xinhuanet

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Shanxi Men’s Basketball Team Defeats Nanjing 135-107 in “Stuck Battle”

The Shanxi Fenjiu Men’s Basketball Team emerged victorious in a crucial match against the Nanjing Team, securing a 135-107 win in a nail-biting “stuck battle” during the 44th round of the CBA regular season on March 16.

With both teams vying for a coveted playoff spot, the stakes were high as Shanxi held a record of 21 wins and 22 losses, while Nanjing trailed closely behind with 20 wins and 23 losses.

From the beginning, Shanxi exhibited dominance on the court with standout performances from Ge Zhaobao, Schwede, and coach “shot with three arrows,” propelling the team to an early lead with 34 points in the first quarter.

Maintaining their offensive prowess throughout the game, Shanxi surpassed the 100-point mark by the end of the third quarter, ultimately securing a convincing victory over their opponents.

Coach Yang Xuezeng expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, highlighting their strong offensive display, solid defense, and rebounding efforts.

Following this important win, Shanxi Men’s Basketball Team solidified their position in the top 12 of the league standings, bolstering their chances in the upcoming playoffs.

Looking ahead, the team is set to face off against the Liaoning team on March 19 in what promises to be another challenging matchup. Stay tuned for more thrilling basketball action. (Reporter Yang Erxin)

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