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Dembele refused to leave Barcelona, ​​Bayern and Paris in the winter window, but has given up on introducing him – yqqlm

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Original title: Dembele refused to leave Barcelona and Bayern Paris in the winter window, but has given up on introducing him

Dembele’s contract with Barcelona will expire at the end of June this year. Today, Barcelona and Dembele’s contract renewal negotiations are still not going well. Dembele asked for an annual salary of 43 million euros before tax, which Barcelona could not provide. As for the offer provided by Barcelona, ​​Dembele was reluctant to respond. Dembele’s attitude is very clear, he has to go to the “talent market” to see his own market, and therefore drag Barcelona first. If there is really no ideal offer, Dembele will consider renewing the contract with Barcelona at a relatively low price.

Dembélé wanted to use the drag trick, but Barca couldn’t wait. “World Sports Daily” pointed out that although Dembele is still playing Tai Chi, Barcelona insists that Dembele respond to Barcelona’s latest offer this week. According to previous Western media, if Dembele refuses to renew his contract, Barcelona will sell him in the winter. Searle Radio pointed out that Dembele refused to leave the team in winter. If no agreement can be reached on a contract extension, Dembele only wants to spend on a free transfer after the contract expires in order to demand a high salary from suitors.

For Dembele, Xavi has done his best, and he even regards the French as the core of the future. In last week’s Copa del Rey in China, Xavi replaced Dembele after half-time, and the Frenchman did score an equalizing goal. However, Harvey’s reuse of Dembele has caused dissatisfaction with his agent Sissoko. “When it comes to Dembele’s renewal, we always talk about money. But you know, it’s not just about money, there are problems with Barcelona’s day-to-day management,” Sissoko told L’Equipe. Shi said, “It is very puzzling that after the player’s new crown just turned negative, he was sent on the field without training.”

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Dembele wants to ask for a big contract when his contract expires, but at present, his market conditions are not optimistic. Earlier, the German media pointed out that Bayern gave up the plan to introduce Dembele, but prepared to go all out to renew Koeman. Now L’Equipe also pointed out that Paris has also decided not to pursue Dembele after careful consideration. Due to financial resources, it is impossible for Juventus to give Dembele a super fat contract. In the transfer market, only a few teams such as Manchester United and Newcastle are still in contact with Dembele.Return to Sohu, see more


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