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Easter 2021: what can be done today. The rules of the red zone on April 4 – breaking latest news

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Milan, April 4, 2021: Le Easter holidays 2021 have begun: the 3, 4 and 5 AprilSaturday, Easter and Easter Monday – as established by the Executive, all of Italy will be in red zone. Here are all the rules, exceptions, changes and further restrictions at the regional level useful information to get by, without making mistakes.

Easter 2021: movements

The displacements outside the region are prohibited except for reasons of work, health and necessity, with theself-certification obligation (here the Pdf model). Within the Municipality – in general – it is possible to leave the house for work, health or necessity. You can go out of town to do sport activity only cycling or running. Shifts for r are also allowedadd minor children with the other parent or in any case with the foster, in the case of separated or divorced parents, or to take them with him. You have to choose the shortest route. Couples living in the city can meet in the place of residence, domicile or home.

It’s possible leave your municipality also to shop, as long as there are no points of sale in one’s own municipality or in the event that a municipality adjacent to its own “presents an availability, also in terms of greater economic convenience”.

For any displacement it is self-certification is always required specifying the reason for the move, indicate where it started from and the final destination address.

Easter: how many people can we bring in the car

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Easter 2021 yes visits to relatives and friends, no to the Easter Monday picnic

In the three days of Saturday, Easter and Easter Monday are allow visits to relatives and friends by respecting some rules. Only once a day, at most two people with children under 14 and within the your region. Remember that inside your own homes it is recommended stay with cohabitants and in any case, in case of meetings, it is appropriate keep the template and the spacing.

Nothing to do, however, for the traditional Easter Monday picnic given that in the red zone it is forbidden to leave one’s home except for proven needs. Going out to a park near your home is allowed for physical or sporting activities, not for an outdoor lunch with relatives and friends, considering that gatherings are also prohibited.

Second box

Yes they can reach second homes? Yes, it is possible but for the family unit only, provided that you can prove that you are entitled to it before January 14, 2021 and provided that the house is not inhabited by others. In this regard, some regions have decided to tighten the rules. Campania Apulia and Liguria have placed a ban on the Easter holidays not only for non-residents but also for residents. Access to second homes for non-residents is prohibited in Valle d’Aosta, South Tyrol, Trentino, Tuscany, Sardinia. In Sicily you enter only with a negative buffer made 48 hours before arrival.

Restaurants and hotels

From 3 to 5 April it will not be possible to have lunch at the restaurant, being all the Country the red zone, but thetakeout and delivery at home until 10 pm. It is forbidden to consume near the restaurant. On the other hand, takeaway from bars is only allowed until 6pm, until 10pm from wine bars and wineries. It is allowed to have lunch and dinner in the hotels without time limits but only for guests staying there.

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It remains the curfew between 10pm and 5am, throughout the national territory. The reasons that justify the movements in these hours remain exclusively those of work, necessity or health.

Foreign trips

The rules currently in force do not prohibit going to the airport (even if you reside in the red zone) and leave the national borders for tourism (as well as for proven needs) in the countries ofEU and the Schengen area. On March 30 the health minister Roberto Speranza has signed an ordinance that provides for arrivals and returns from European Union countries, a buffer on departure, a 5-day quarantine and an additional buffer at the end of the 5 days. The quarantine is already foreseen for those returning from non-EU countries.

From Tuesday 6 April the rules those in force before the Easter holidays will return, thus, for example, the derogation on home visits to friends and relatives will lapse. In the days before and after it will be necessary orient yourself according to the color (red or orange) of each region to understand which rules to follow.

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