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Edi Cadorin from Treviso, queen of marathons: “I ran 300, and I can’t stop …”

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Edi Cadorin from Treviso, queen of marathons: “I ran 300, and I can’t stop …”
Edi Cadorin at Lake Orta for his 300th career marathon

From Hawaii to Iceland, from the majors to the Sahara: here are all his adventures: “I will continue as long as I have fun”

TREVISO. Three hundred times at the finish line of a marathon (that’s 12,658.5 km …). Three hundred applause for Edi Cadorin, 68 years old from Treviso, former owner of a photographic material shop, a “professional” marathon runner (but also ultra marathon runner). The “diploma” as a marathon runner over 300 he won on Lake Orta, in Piedmont, at the 10 marathons in 10 days event, where he participated in three days, on 13, 14 and 15 August, running his 299th , 300th and 301st marathon. To celebrate the athlete Mareno, in addition to her husband Vladimiro (and his son Massinissa), also the over 200 marathon runners at the start of the event organized by the Club Super Marathon Italia. A cake and a pennant to celebrate this extraordinary goal of perseverance, commitment and will. Running more than 300 marathons is a company from the world list of multi-marathon runners.

What emotions did you experience once you crossed the finish line of your 300th marathon?

“Sincerely? I thought that finally my friends and all those who support me would no longer break the “boxes”. Everyone told me, “come on, come on, now you have to get to 300”, this goal had almost become a nightmare. But in reality I am very happy and still excited, if I think only that in January I had 283 marathons done ».

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How and when did you start running?

“It was by pure chance. I would define it as a “shock on the road to Damascus”. One day I saw some girls running in Restera and I snapped like a spring inside and I said “I want to run a marathon”. My husband was initially against it, he was worried that I might get hurt, but now he is the one who organizes my trips around the world as well ».

What are the most beautiful marathons you have run?

«I have really raced in magnificent places, from Mont Blanc to the Sahara desert, from Hawaii to the Chinese wall, from Iceland to Monument Valley in the United States, in a race of 50 km with the Indians. I remember the 6 major marathons, Chicago, Boston, New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo. But I am also fond of home marathons, such as the one in Treviso, of which I ran all the editions, the one in Venice, the one in Padua, my first ».

Why do you like to run? Why did you become so passionate about a sport of great effort?

«For the context: participating in competitions also gives you the opportunity to visit places you don’t know. I like running because I am estranged from the world, it’s just me, there is no opponent. The road is wide, there are no lanes, everyone does his own. Then there are also the phases in which you run in company, make friends, chat, support yourself. And then we want to talk about the joy of having won a finisher medal? Crossing the finish line gives indescribable happiness ».

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Edi, how long will it keep running?

«The 70s are approaching, but I see many teammates, even older ones, running and sometimes even faster than me. I will do it as long as I enjoy it ».

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