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Emanuele Filiberto buys Savoia: ‘Also to keep young people away from crime’

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Emanuele Filiberto buys Savoia: ‘Also to keep young people away from crime’

The club of Torre Annunziata, in the Neapolitan area, militant in group A of Excellence Campania, tomorrow will present the project of the descendant of the last royal family – and grandson of the last sovereign – who is destined to become its owner from 1 December

A member of the House of Savoy for Savoy. It seems like the most obvious ending to a story that has all the elements to be compelling. After the arrests in early October coordinated by the Naples Public Prosecutor’s Office, due to the ties of some managers with organized crime that had led to a round of extortion precisely against the company, Emanuele Filiberto is ready to take over the Torre Annunziata club, which today he plays in Group A of Campania Excellence. Tomorrow morning, in front of the Basilica of the Madonna della Neve, the descendant of the last royal family and nephew of the last sovereign will publicly present his plan for the acquisition in the city. It will most likely be a formality, since the president Mario Pellerone has announced the sale of the team free of charge from 1 December.


The prince set up a joint stock company, the Casa Reale Holding, together with three partners: the pharmaceutical entrepreneur Nazario Matachione (former president of Savoia in 2003), the engineer expert in international certifications Roberto Passariello and Marco Limoncelli, active in the field of finance. With them there will be the lawyer Elio D’Aquino, as “guarantor of maximum transparency and legality: he will have the task of keeping the Camorra at bay” Emanuele Filiberto explained in recent weeks to the online edition of Corriere della Sera. And he added: “I would also like to launch a project with Savoy to keep young people away from crime”. The idea of ​​entering the world of football came to him a few days after the news of the arrests. Emanuele Filiberto already knew Savoy and had been welcomed in Torre Annunziata with all honors when he returned to Italy for the first time. On the other hand, the name and the coat of arms are a clear homage to the royal family. And now this bond is about to get even stronger.

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