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Europa League, the final sequence of penalties and Ramsey’s mistake – Sport – Football

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Europa League, the final sequence of penalties and Ramsey’s mistake – Sport – Football

Seville, 18 May 2022 – Penalties are needed to break the balance in finale between Eintracht Francoforte and Glasgow Rangerscome as a surprise but deservedly to contend for theEuropa League: balance born from a first half without major jolts and above all from a recovery in which ad Aribo he replied I deleted. It will be the latter to score the penalty that became decisive after the error (the only one in the series) of Ramsey, entered just to earn glory from the spot. Nothing to do: to triumph are the Germans, saved especially in extra time by a Trapp in the evening of grace.

Al 12′ Sowtriggered by a rejection of the defense of the Rangers on a lunge of Kamadatries to break the balance with a blow that still finds the prompt response of McGregor. The latter is even more decisive at 21 ‘up Knauffgood at jumping Barisic: l’unity insists with the header of N’Dicka from the developments of a corner and with the right of Sow, but in both cases the aim is not accurate. The Scots suffer but on 26 ‘touched the net with a great shot from around Aribo that touches the door defended by Trapp. Shortly after on the other front Kostic he launches into a textbook counterattack at least up to the too open diagonal with which he spoils everything. At 37 ‘i Rangers come back dangerous with Lundstramwho turns his head a punishment beaten by Barisic: Trapp raise the ball over the crossbar. In the very long recovery (well 6′) Aribo towing equipment Jackwhich from an excellent position shoots to the stars.

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The first flicker of recovery is branded Rangerscon Lundstram who sees his conclusion from the distance deviated in a providential way in a corner. The Scots insist on the axis Tavernier-Kent: the latter devours a great chance to give the advantage to his team. An advantage that, however, materializes in the 57th minute, when Sow head starts Aribowhich takes advantage of the slip of Tuta (which on the occasion also hurts) and overcomes Trapp with a close touch. L’unity try to replicate with Lindstromwho at 61 ‘receives the trailer of Knauff and kicks with a sure shot: Bassey save on line. The Germans insist and still close to a draw in the 68th minute with Kamadawhich almost takes advantage of a mess of Goldson: Rode serves the Japanese, who tries to override McGregor but he raises his aim too much. L’1-1 it is in the air and ripens at 70 ‘, when Kostic from the left he arms his leg on the fly with which I deletedappeared behind Bassey, mock the Scottish goalkeeper. On the wings of enthusiasmunity insist with Rodewhat is it Hauge, which does not find the big target from its clod. A little later you need the best reflexes of McGregor to repel an insidious punishment of Kosticwhich close to 90 ‘becomes dangerous again with a cross-shot.

To open the extra-time is a high blow of Arfieldwho shortly afterwards helplessly witnesses the mistake of his teammate Basseywho loses the sphere in the presence of I deleted before making up for it with a great recovery. At 101 ‘he sees himself forward Knauff. In the second overtime to the attempt to Barisic (powerful lefty barely rejected by Trapp) replica Hrustic with a little razor on the bottom. The question and answer continues: on the one hand Kent solicits the reflexes of Trapp and on the other Jakic scares McGregor with a little high wave. THE Rangers they seem to have more and in the 119th minute they close to the winning goal first with Kentwhose close range attempt is intercepted by Trapp with a miracle and then, on the continuation of the action, with Davis, which sends to the stars. Penalties also become reality thanks to yet another great save by Trappwhich at the last second blocks the free kick kicked by Tavernier.

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We then go to the shots from the spot: they score Tavernier, Lenz, Davis, Hrustic, Arfield, Kamada, Kostic, Roofe e I deleted: the only mistake, the decisive one, is signed Ramseyparadoxically entered precisely for the penalties and instead of de facto the executioner of the Rangers.

The sequence

Rangers the first to shoot

Tavern: rest.

Per l’Eintracht Lenz: rete.

Glasgow still scoring with Davis, it is 2-1.

German response with Hrustic: 2-2

Scots ok with Arfield: 3-2

The Germans are not wrong: Kamada signs the 3-3

Rangers mistake with Ramsey: penalty saved.

Eintracht ahead with Kostic, if Glasgow miss the German cup.

Roofe realizes. But if Eintracht scores, it closes.

I erased glaciale, è goal: vince l’Eintracht.

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