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Fasano-Martina: a challenge is memorable only if there is support

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Fasano-Martina: a challenge is memorable only if there is support

The opening, albeit partial, to the Martinesi in Fasano also redesigns my plans for the weekend. However, it remains disheartening for those who follow football, in any form, having to interface with this system that is leaking from all sides, governed by a house of cards, prohibitions, transfers with limited number of tickets, last-minute time changes. In fact, this match, in addition to restricting access to a maximum of 100 visiting fans, was brought forward at the last moment to 3 pm after having been scheduled for 5 pm. Public order reasons, the gray bureaucrats let us know, shrugging with faces expressionless in the face of those who had already bought tickets and had adjusted their commitments to the established timetable. Luckily, at least the backlash is cushioned by the Sunday match: had it been in one of the many absurd midweek matches, the fallout in terms of attendance would have been very different.

Reached Fasano well in advance, I benefit from the logistical support of my colleague and friend Riccardo, with whom I reach the Vito Curlo very far in advance. So as to fully enjoy the atmosphere of this derby deeply felt by the two fans, which has not been played in the presence of both since the Serie C2 season way back in 2001/02.

The Martinesi enter the sector about a quarter of an hour into the match. The classic ultras entry into the scene, compact, with provocative choirs and bursts of firecrackers, in front of a southern curve in Fasano, was full as never before in this year. Exceptional glance, you can actually breathe the air of a great local classic and the interaction between the two fans is heavy, even if all in all it remains limited to the usual and amusing teasing, which remain the basic ingredient capable of giving that value added to these challenges and make them more felt or participated than others.

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The Fasanesi welcome the players on the field with a nice scarf and banner FREE TRANSFERS. Vocal cheering on the other hand, thanks to such a full sector, is really beautiful and often drags the rest of the stadium behind it. Flags always in the wind, handfuls thick, today the Curva Sud is fully doing its duty, honoring its commitment to the fullest, exactly meeting everyone’s expectations, myself included.

Returning to the away sector, nothing to say: lots of smoke bombs lit during the match, several other firecrackers and a cheering that, even in their case, is above the lines. In such a hot stadium, it wouldn’t have been easy for anyone, least of all for a limited number of people, but they still responded with dry choruses and repeating, good slaps and lots of teasing. In short, also this time, the Curva Nord Martina seen several times this season, confirms its growth path and, more specifically, a positive support.

In the field the derby takes him home to Fasano, beating the opponents by a measure (1-0). The celebrations at the end of the game were huge, even if only the presence of the two fans and the confrontation between them could make these victories unique. Limiting them, banning them, harassing them, repressing them and everything else that contributes to emptying stadiums is nothing other than consciously resorting to the death of football. Blaming the fans alone is too easy: shows like today’s show once again that if there’s any merit in the survival of what was once the greatest game in the world, it belongs solely to the fans. Whoever decides and undoes upstream, it might be time to take the shred of responsibility.

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Massimo D’Innocenzi

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