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Pan American Union: gale affected 382 families

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Pan American Union: gale affected 382 families

A strong gale that occurred on March 19 affected the homes of 382 families in the municipality of Unión Panamericana. Mayor Oscar Jhoel Rengifo convened an extraordinary risk management committee, where the following participated: Police Inspection, Economic Development Secretariat, Government Secretariat, Family Police Station, Fire Department, Health Coordination, National Police, Julio Londoño Londoño Battalion, Public services unit, health coordination and the municipal unit for risk and disaster management.

Among the measures announced by the local president that will be adopted immediately, is to have two (temporary) transit sites for the victims of the gale, which are located in the municipal capital, where there is a greater number of unroofed homes. They are the Las Animas Children’s Home, located in the Caldas neighborhood, and the municipal library auditorium located in the Calle Nueva neighborhood, next to the mayor’s office.

According to a preliminary report, the most affected populations were Las Ánimas, and the corregimientos of La Ye and El Dos.

“We have carried out visits in all the corregimientos and we are ready to receive information from the families that still do not appear in the census of the victims. So we invite you to contact us so we can help you; We want to provide emergency aid to all the victims because we feel very sad when we see all this panorama caused by the fury of nature”, indicated the mayor Oscar Jhoel Rengifo.

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