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FC Barcelona | Why does Atlético de Madrid’s defeat at San Siro benefit Barça?

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FC Barcelona |  Why does Atlético de Madrid’s defeat at San Siro benefit Barça?

Barça plays this Wednesday (9:00 p.m.) in Naples a momentous match in its return to the Champions League. Although for the Blaugranas, the round of 16 really ‘began’ this Tuesday at San Siro. But… why would the Barça club be so interested in what happened between Inter Milan and Atlético de Madrid? Very simple: for the new Club World Cup. It will start from June 15 to July 13, 2025 in the United States and will bring together 32 teams.

The classification scales established by FIFA provide a fight between Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona for the only free place for Spanish football, since only two are distributed and Real Madrid already has one as champion of the 2021/2022 edition . Real Sociedad could also get it, although to do so, they would need to win the current edition of the Champions League.

The colchoneros have a clear advantage, despite having lost at Meazza. They add 62 points to FC Barcelona’s 55. So Xavi Hernandez’s men should cut 7 points.

It is only taken into account, to score points, what is done in this edition of the Champions Leagueand for example, in the round of 16, a victory is worth 2 points, a draw is worth 1 and moving to the quarterfinals is worth 1 more.

That is to say, Barça would need to win both games against Naples to add 5 points (2+2+1) and for Atlético to also lose at the Metropolitano against Inter to stay just 2 points behind ‘Cholo’ Simeone in this particular race to participate in the Club World Cup. 2 points that would be achieved with a victory in the quarterfinals or two draws, for example.

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Why is the Club World Cup so important?

Aside from the sporting aspect, of participating among the 32 most important teams in the world for a title, the economic factor stands out.

And there is information that indicates that just by participating, the teams could earn around 50 million euros, while the winner would take home around 100.

These figures are undoubtedly oxygen for the Barça club’s coffers. And if they do not receive them, direct rivals will, not only from Europe, but also from LaLiga. With 50 ‘kilos’, plus Atlético will become an even more powerful rival, not to mention Real Madrid…

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