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FC Bayern has to pay high fines for low wages

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FC Bayern has to pay high fines for low wages

Dhe FC Bayern Munich has to pay a six-figure sum to customs due to years of unpaid social benefits. The main customs office in Munich had “issued a confiscation order of around 200,000 euros” against the German record champions, a spokesman said on Thursday.

In addition, the evaded social security contributions and late payment surcharges of around 45,500 euros would be demanded, according to the customs statement. FC Bayern München AG is said to have employed and paid workers on a €450 basis between November 2016 and November 2021, although their actual employment is said to have been far higher.

According to customs, the club should not have paid a minimum wage in its youth academy. In addition, the working hours were not recorded correctly or completely. Employees would have worked significantly more hours than agreed. As a result, the valid minimum wages were not paid and social security regulations were disregarded.

The Bavarians announced on Thursday that the association had already taken structural precautions on campus in autumn 2020 to avoid falling below the minimum wage in the future. Since July 2021 there have been no minor employees in the youth teams. “It was never the intention of FC Bayern München AG to withhold employees from their legitimate wages,” it said. The administrative offense proceedings have now been finally concluded.

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