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Football Bundesliga: Werder vs. Stuttgart – live ticker – 30th matchday – 2023/2024

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Football Bundesliga: Werder vs. Stuttgart – live ticker – 30th matchday – 2023/2024



The performance of the home team is really strong. Defensively, the North Germans show a really concentrated performance and on the way forward they always play very well. Thanks to Marvin Ducksch’s brace, the Hanseatic League have scored at least two goals in a game for the first time since the end of January.



Yellow card for Angelo Stiller (VfB Stuttgart)

Woltemade picks up the ball deep in the SVW half and technically breaks away from the direct counter-pressing. To prevent the counterattack, Stiller draws the tactical foul. But he sees his fifth yellow card and will therefore miss the top game against Leverkusen next Saturday.



Yellow card for Leonardo Bittencourt (Werder Bremen)

Bittencourt holds on to Guirassy’s jersey on his own right defensive side and is punished with a yellow card.



Tooor for Werder Bremen, 2-0 by Marvin Ducksch

What a start to the second half! Leweling fails from the right in the penalty area because of Zetterer’s brilliant reaction and just a little later the bell rings on the other side. Weiser and Schmid don’t get any real pressure on the right wing. The Austrian then plays a perfectly tempered pass to Ducksch, who is lurking in the middle. The 30-year-old doesn’t miss the chance in the box and finishes dry with a direct shot into the bottom left corner.



There is no sign of an immediate rebellion from the guests because Werder continues to play forward. Nick Woltemade chases the ball from around the edge of the penalty area over the right crease.



Go on! The Stuttgart team reacted to the disappointing first half with a double substitution. Chris Führich and Pascal Stenzel are new for Enzo Millot and Leonidas Stergiou. Bremen returns unchanged in terms of personnel.



Substitution at VfB Stuttgart: Chris Führich



Substitution at VfB Stuttgart: Enzo Millot



Substitution at VfB Stuttgart: Pascal Stenzel



Substitution at VfB Stuttgart: Leonidas Stergiou



Kick-off of the 2nd half



Half-time conclusion:
Werder Bremen surprisingly but deservedly lead 1-0 against the favorites Stuttgart at the break! The guests had a significantly higher share of the game, but were not determined enough for a long time after Undav’s early big chance. SVW, on the other hand, repeatedly created dangerous situations with their counterattacks and therefore did not take the lead undeservedly thanks to Ducksch’s penalty goal. Shortly before the end of the first half, the Swabians increased the pressure again and had the opportunity to equalize through Undav. However, the national player failed because of the aluminum. If Bremen manages to continue defending with such strength and energy after the break, a surprise is certainly possible here. Sebastian Hoeneß and his team will of course come up with something to avert the defeat. So it should be exciting. See you soon!


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End of 1st half



Three minutes are added in the first round. Stuttgart is currently putting a lot of pressure on.



Official added time (minutes): 3



Undav hits the crossbar and narrowly misses the equalizer! Guirassy secures the ball on the left side of the box, is run behind by Mittelstädt and takes the full-back well with a backheel pass. He then chips the ball almost from the baseline up to the second post. There, Undav overcomes two defenders in green in the air and heads the ball towards the top left corner. But the ball only hits the lower edge of the crossbar and from there well in front of the line.



On the left side of midfield, Ducksch takes a tight, half-high pass, then plays a good one-two with Schmid and then moves inwards about 25 meters in front of the goal. However, the 30-year-old clearly missed the top right corner with his long-range shot.



Werder loses the ball just inside the opponent’s half and is suddenly completely open at the back. Serhou Guirassy immediately sets off into the depths. Anthony Jung manages to catch the 28-year-old just before the penalty area and defuse the situation.



The guests are of course trying to equalize the deficit before the break. This allows them to take a little more control at the moment. But Bremen runs into a lot of space and continues to defend attentively.



Yellow card for Enzo Millot (VfB Stuttgart)

While Bremen on the right defensive side is getting ready for their own throw-in, Bittencourt provokes Millot by lightly stroking his head. The Frenchman doesn’t want to put up with that and, in a rage, sets off straight to the Bremen playmaker. Since he remains completely calm, the yellow card is ultimately only given to the hot-tempered Enzo Millot.



Millot passes through to Guirassy from just outside the SVW penalty area. However, the nine can’t get the ball under control on the left side of the box as Zetterer rushes out of his goal and is directly in between with a strong tackle.



For Marvin Ducksch, the opening goal means the end of his goal drought that has been going on since the beginning of February. With ten goals and five assists, his scoring record is definitely impressive.



Tooor for Werder Bremen, 1-0 by Marvin Ducksch

Ducksch keeps his nerve! From eleven meters, the best SVW attacker shows himself confidently and finishes with his right inner instep into the bottom right corner. Nübel senses the side, but stretches in vain.



Yellow card for Jamie Leweling (VfB Stuttgart)

Jamie Leweling also receives a yellow card for his foul on Felix Agu.



Penalty for Bremen! Woltemade lets the ball pass to Weiser centrally in the opposing half and he then sends the inserted Agu into the depths. Leweling still touches the ball, but cannot prevent Bremen from receiving the ball. Agu then penetrates the penalty area with great speed and takes a shot almost from the penalty spot. At exactly that moment, however, he gets a check from Leweling, who is chasing after him, and falls. The referee doesn’t hesitate for a second and immediately points to the spot.

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Leonardo Bittencourt was unfortunately hit in the neck. The 30-year-old now needs treatment.



Serhou Guirassy takes a free kick from 20 meters to the left. The shot is deflected into the wall, completely changing direction and descending dangerously towards the left corner. Zetterer, who was already on his way to the other side, is on the spot and can just manage to direct the ball over the crossbar with one hand.



Approaches to the goal on both sides: First, Zetterer punches the ball away from a VfB cross from the left side at the far post in front of Guirassy, ​​who is already about to head the ball. Almost in direct return, the ball then flies into the guests’ penalty area. However, Schmid is a few centimeters short of the five on the left to be able to send the ball dangerously towards the goal.



The first quarter of an hour is already over. Bremen have already proven that they have completely shaken off the 5-0 defeat against Leverkusen. The hosts are refreshingly cheeky here.



Marvin Ducksch takes care of the standard that is due. With his right instep he brings the ball sharply in front of the goal almost from the baseline. However, the Swabians can head the ball out of the danger zone at the first post.



Leonardo Bittencourt is brought down to the left of the opponent’s penalty area and is awarded a free kick. This is a very promising position.



Werder now finds its way into the final third with the ball at their feet for the first time. However, an Agu cross from the left wing sails past everyone.



Bremen is definitely brave and defends with the last row well in front of their own box. In some cases the three-man chain is almost at the center line. However, they haven’t had much success with their pressing yet because VfB is proving to be very confident on the ball.



The first big opportunity belongs to Stuttgart! Ito plays the ball brilliantly from the left at the halfway line into the path of Undav, who is running from behind the defense. The 27-year-old appears free in front of Zetterer. However, with his direct take he fails because of the tall keeper.



With bright sunshine and a great mood, the first moments of the encounter are characterized by an effort to control. VfB in particular collects a little possession of the ball.

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Let’s go! Bremen kicks off and plays in their usual green and white. Stuttgart counters with completely red jerseys.



Game start


The game between Bremen and Stuttgart is one with a lot of tradition. After all, only FC Bayern has played more games in the Bundesliga than these two. That’s why today is the 110th meeting in the German upper house. Goals seem almost guaranteed. In the 54 direct comparisons on the Weser so far, there has not been a single zero number.


The situation at VfB Stuttgart is completely opposite. The Swabians have now been unbeaten in eleven Bundesliga games and have collected a sensational 29 of the possible 33 points. As a result, they already secured qualification for the Europa League last weekend, but as third place, VfB now logically wants to get into the premier class. However, that’s not all. Since the direct duel against FC Bayern is still pending, Sebastian Hoeneß and his team even have it in their own hands to win the runner-up championship. Of course, VfB first has to live up to its role as favorite today.


After the 22nd matchday, the world in Bremen still looked excellent. Thanks to an away win in Cologne, Werder climbed up to seventh place and thus surprisingly tapped into international business. Since then, however, the North Germans have been going through a real downturn. Five of the last seven matches were lost. During this period, the SVW was only able to collect two measly points. As a result, they are now back in the relegation battle. Their lead over the relegation place is currently still five points, but the cushion has shrunk considerably in the last few weeks. Accordingly, it is high time to break the worst run since the resurgence.


Stuttgart also made two changes to their starting line-up compared to their confident 3-0 win against Frankfurt. Alexander Nübel recovered from his muscular problems in time and is therefore back between the posts instead of Fabian Bredlow. In addition, Enzo Millot replaces Chris Führich. This is the first time the national player has not started from the start in this Bundesliga season.


Ole Werner is happy about two returnees in defense after the 5-0 thrashing against the champions from Leverkusen. Anthony Jung and Marco Friedl are both back in the starting line-up after serving their suspension and should give the defense more stability again. Christian Groß and Julián Malatini will remain outside for the time being.

Hello and welcome to the Bundesliga on Sunday. SV Werder Bremen welcomes VfB Stuttgart. The game on matchday 30 kicks off at 3:30 p.m. in the Wohninvest Weserstadion.

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