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From this date, days on Earth will last 1 hour longer

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From this date, days on Earth will last 1 hour longer

The Earth was created approximately 4.5 billion years ago, and since then, the length of days has only increased. While this increase is almost imperceptible, science has shown that within many years, A day on Earth will no longer last 24 hours, but will last 25 hours.. Thus, if 1.5 billion years ago the days lasted only 19 hours and 66 million years ago (with the dinosaurs on the planet) 23 hours, When will those 25-hour days come?

A team of scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has announced that after improving and enhancing one of the instruments used to measure time, they have discovered a approximate date from which the days will be lengthened by 1 more hour.

It is a tool created by German scientists known as ring laser gyrois located at the Wetzell Geodetic Observatory and has made it possible to anticipate that days will last 25 hours in 200 million years.

The speed of rotation of the Earth changes due to different dynamics that cause an acceleration and deceleration of the rotation. They are fragments of milliseconds, hence we have to wait 200 million years to see that days last an hour longer.

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