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“Fully Closed” Training National Football Team Does Not Recruit New Players

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“Fully Closed” Training National Football Team Does Not Recruit New Players

Feinan missed the top 12 matches on behalf of the national football team in many years

On the afternoon of October 19th, the Chinese men’s football team will conduct their second outdoor training after returning home in the Suzhou Taihu Football Base. The training will be in a “fully closed” state from this time, and the on-site media interviews before and 15 minutes after the start of the training will be temporarily cancelled. The reason for the team’s arrangement is to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, and at the same time make the team prepare as quietly as possible.

It is understood that due to factors such as the recent closure of the entire team for observation and isolation, the coaching staff will not add “newcomers” to the team in the short term, which means that fresh forces like Fernando will not be able to represent the team in the two games in November. Top 12 matches.

The team returned to the normal preparation track

On the afternoon of October 18th, the Chinese team conducted the first outdoor training after returning to China at the Taihu Base. Among the 31 nationals on the team, with the exception of Zhang Linpeng, who suffered a strained left thigh muscle, stayed in the resident hotel gym for physical training, the remaining 30 all participated in this outdoor training. Left back Li Lei, who has missed 4 consecutive rounds of the top 12 matches, also joined the joint training camp, marking that he will be qualified for the November match. The old team captain Hao Junmin, who was absent from the China and Saudi Arabia games, was slightly unwell, so he practiced alone on the sidelines with the team doctor.

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Judging from the training situation, the Chinese team has high enthusiasm for training whether it is a member of the coaching staff or the majority of international players. Before the training began, laughter and laughter were also heard on the scene. This shows that after about three days of adjustment, the team has returned to the normal track of preparations. The coach Li Tie, who had been caught in a whirlpool of controversy due to the issue of the use of troops, gave advice to the disciples as always. A member of the team commented, “Everything is normal for the team. We are all in order to be able to play the two games in November.”

“Totally closed” training for nearly 10 days

Since there is only more than 3 weeks before the game against Oman on November 11, preparations must be made with work and rest, and an adjustment period has been reserved for the players. Therefore, time is left for the whole team to improve technical and tactical arrangements and reserve physical fitness. More limited.

In addition, affected by the epidemic, all members of the national football delegation as entry personnel must accept the necessary collective isolation in accordance with the regulations. Under this circumstance, the team decided to temporarily cancel the interview session for media reporters starting from the training on the afternoon of the 19th. In other words, the Chinese team will conduct training for the next 10 days under “fully closed” conditions. As for whether the whole team will be adjusted in the future, it must be determined in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations.

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As the country still implements very strict epidemic prevention regulations and personnel entry management regulations, and whether the two games of the National Football Team in November can be finally confirmed to be held in the country is still to be officially confirmed, as of now, forward Wu Lei, who plays for the Spanish club of La Liga There is no clear information about when and where to meet with the whole team.

It is difficult to add new ideas

As for personnel adjustments, judging from the current situation, the possibility is not very great. Take Fernando, a naturalized player who has previously been selected as an example. He is still in Brazil. Even if he returns to China in the near future, he still needs to strictly enforce the “14+7” quarantine requirements after entry. In terms of preparation rules, he no longer has the possibility of joining the team to participate in the two games in November.

As for whether the coaching staff will add other “newcomers”? Currently affected by the epidemic and epidemic prevention regulations, similar ideas are also difficult to realize. It should be noted that, including Wu Lei, a total of 32 players participated in the preparation for the top 12 of the national football team. These players had also been selected by the coaching staff before joining the team, so the overall staffing is relatively rich. If the Chinese team confirms that it can participate in the next two top 12 matches in China, the team does not even rule out the possibility of further streamlining the staff.

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