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German Super Cup – Mane’s first goal, Muciara, passed Bayern 5-3 Leipzig to win the championship_Restricted Area_Frontcourt_Goal

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German Super Cup – Mane’s first goal, Muciara, passed Bayern 5-3 Leipzig to win the championship_Restricted Area_Frontcourt_Goal

Original title: German Super Cup – Mane’s first goal, Muciara, passed Bayern 5-3 Leipzig to win the championship

At 2:45 a.m. on July 31st, Beijing time, the new season of the German Super Cup kicked off, and Bayern ushered in a head-to-head matchup with Leipzig. In the 14th minute, Muciara succeeded in a chaotic battle in front of the goal, and in the 30th minute, Mane pushed an empty goal. The first goal was scored. In the 45th minute, Pavar received an assist from Musiala and scored, allowing Bayern to establish a 3-goal advantage in the half. Halstenberg and Gnabry scored goals, and then Leipzig, who counterattacked aggressively, scored a shot from Nkunku in the 76th minute and Olmer’s volley in the 89th minute to pull in the score. In injury time, Sane After a single-handed break to seal the victory, Bayern won the 6th German Super Cup in the past 7 years with a 5-3 victory over Kleipzig.

In the 8th minute, Leipzig player Smakan fell to the ground in a confrontation on the left side of the penalty area, but the referee did not respond.

In the 9th minute, Leipzig’s core Nkunku scored the ball to the left of the frontcourt. After Henrichs got the ball, he cut in and hit the goal.

In the 14th minute, Bayern quickly broke the deadlock. Kimmich took a right corner kick in the frontcourt and caused a melee in the penalty area of ​​Leipzig. The teenager Musiala received a cross from his teammate Lucas in the chaos, and then scored a cool low shot. The score became 1- 0!

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1 minute later, Leipzig completed a counter-attack in the frontcourt. Nkunku in the penalty area received a pass from his teammate and quickly volleyed the goal. However, the slow motion showed that the ball was offside first, and the goal was blown away.

In the 30th minute, Bayern scored another goal. Muciara on the left side of the frontcourt pierced the Leipzig defense with a straight kick, which once formed a 3-on-1 situation for Bayern. Gnabry on the left side of the penalty area scored a goal selflessly, and Ma The goal was almost empty and the score was 2-0!

This goal is also the first goal of Mane’s Bayern career!

In the 35th minute, Sobosroy hit a free kick and was blocked by Neuer.

In the 45th minute, Bayern took a tactical corner kick in the frontcourt. After getting the ball, Murciaara dribbled continuously on the left side of the penalty area, and then calmly crossed the goal.

At the end of the half, Bayern led the opponent with a repressive 3-0.

Easy sides to fight again, both teams scored goals,

In the 50th minute, Bayern quickly stole the ball in the frontcourt. Gnabry counterattacked to the right of the penalty area and hit the goal from a small angle. In the 56th minute, Leipzig took a corner kick in the frontcourt, and Andre Silva hit the post with a header from the penalty area.

In the 59th minute, Leipzig continued to take a corner kick in the frontcourt. Halstenberg on the far right side of the penalty area headed the goal and the ball went straight into the left corner. Leipzig pulled a goal back, 1-3.

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6 minutes later, Koeman got the ball in the middle of the frontcourt, and then distributed it to Muller on the right. The latter shot into the penalty area and hit the goal, causing the goalkeeper to let go. Gnabry, who followed up, succeeded with a second supplementary shot, and the score was Came to 4-1!

In the 68th minute, Bayern made a long pass from the backcourt. Mane in the frontcourt took advantage of his speed to get the ball forward to form a single-handed shot, and then calmly rubbed the shot successfully, but the referee signaled that the ball was offside and the goal was invalid.

In the 71st minute, Nkunku used his personal ability to get rid of the defense in the Bayern penalty area continuously, and then cut in and hit the goal and was blocked.

In the 76th minute, Olmer was tackled by Pavard in the penalty area. The referee then awarded Bayern a penalty kick. Nkunku took the penalty kick and the score became 2-4!

In the 84th minute, Mane “scored” again. Sane scored the goal from the right side of the penalty area. Mane grabbed a point in an obvious offside position, but the goal was naturally blown away.

In the 88th minute, Kimmich’s long-range shot at the top of the arc was confiscated by the goalkeeper.

In the 89th minute, Leipzig quickly counterattacked from the left. Olmer got the ball and went to the left of the penalty area. Then he cut inside and hit the goal. The score became 3-4!

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In the 90th and 3rd minutes, there was an episode in the game. Alfonso Davies fell to the ground with a cramp. Leipzig players thought it was suspected of delaying time. They came forward to express their dissatisfaction, and the fans on the scene also booed.

In the 90th and 5th minutes, taking advantage of the gap in the Leipzig defense line, Bayern quickly counterattacked after stealing the ball in the backcourt.

In the end, Bayern won 5-3 in a goal battle and won the German Super Cup strongly.

List of matches for both sides:

Bayern (4231): 1-Neuer/5-Pawar (77th minute, 40-Mazrawi), 2-Upamecano (77th minute, 10-Sane), 21-Luka Sri Lanka, 19-Alfonso-Davis/18-Sabitzer, 6-Kimich/42-Muciara (60th minute, 11-Koeman), 25-Mueller (68th minute, 38 -Grevenberg), 7-Gnabry, 17-Mane

Leipzig (343): 1-Guratz/2-Smakan (80th minute, 38-Novoa), 4-Orban, 23-Halstenberg/16-Klostermann, 27- Leimer, 44-Kanpur (52nd minute, 7-Olmer), 39-Henrichs/10-Forsberg (52nd minute, 19-Andre Silva), 17 – Sobosloy (90 minutes, 8-Hydara), 18-Nkunku

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