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Giada Rossi talks about her “medal mission”

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Giada Rossi talks about her “medal mission”

It’s the right week. It is the one that leads to the Paralympic Table Tennis World Championships in Granada. Giada Rossi is preparing for the start which will take place on Friday. The champion from Poincicco di Zoppolla is completing her preparation at the Federal Technical Center of Lignano.

Then he will fly from Treviso to Malaga. And he will try the assault on the gold medal. Indeed, to the medals.

The champion is following a specific preparation and diet. There is a desire to compete after a summer without major competitions.

Giada Rossi, the time is ripe for a good result. What are the objectives of the Spanish expedition?

“We worked with a lot of focus on technique and I’m eager to check my progress on the pitch.”

The World Cup presents itself without the athletes from China and Russia, in this last case for the well-known reasons. Do you feel the favorite?

“Not really, even if a strong point to a medal.”

But it has been number 1 in the ranking for 4 years.

«One thing is the ranking, one thing is the field. I know I can do well ».

In class 2 in the singles who are you most afraid of?

“The South Americans have grown up a lot. The most serious threats can come from Argentina and Brazil ».

When will it start competing?

«The World Championships start on Sunday but the women’s doubles and mixed doubles matches will start on Monday. From Tuesday space for the singular. Both in the mixed doubles and in the women’s doubles we play our cards ».

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Change the formula, we start immediately with races in the direct elimination draw. Is it an advantage?

«We hope with the ranking to have affordable shifts at the beginning. We do not underestimate anyone ».

The preparation in Lignano did not suffer any repercussions for Covid which, on the other hand, in the rest of the world still conditions the choices of many athletes. Is it back to normal?

“Certainly there are no longer the problems of two years ago. And that’s a big plus. The next competitions have been set, we can prepare ourselves properly without the fear of not having to compete. Last year the European Championships were canceled, but they will be organized in 2023 ».

Will that be the most important competition before the 2024 Paris Paralympics?

“Yup. But I am convinced that even these World Championships in Granada will give useful information for the Paralympic review ».

There is a lot of Friuli in the worldwide expedition. Who are the Friulian components of the technical staff?

«We are now a unique team. We are a large family that accompanies itself with the Eagle flag. They follow us in Lignano in training and then in competitions. Alessandro Sellan, athletic trainer from Fiume Venero will come to Granada. Eva Pittini, nurse from Gemona. Mauro Bianchin, a nurse from Latisana. And again the physiotherapist from Fagagna, Elisa Quaglia, and Massimo Pischiutti, coach from Gemona ».

The Rossi clan is already gearing up. Who will come to Granada to cheer for her?

“My parents and my brother have promised to attend the races and I am convinced there will also be uncles and other special people.”

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She, Rossi, had started playing sports by playing volleyball. Do you still follow him?

“Yup. Last year I saw Imoco Conegliano a few times. After the World Cup I want to go and see a Tinet Prata race live ».

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