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Gotti in Milan at the film on the Pirate “It’s a question of focus”

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Another evening, Cinema Visionary of Udine. There is the screening of the latest film on Marco Pantani “The Best” by Paolo Santolini. The guest of honor is the baby champion Jonathan Milan. There is the director Paolo Santolini, who illustrates his journey into the depths of Pantani and back for which he will be filled with applause and praise an hour and a half later. Out of breath, Udinese coach Luca Gotti enters the room. Radio Udinese, which is not Radio London but almost, namely the walls of the Friuli stadium, “will report” that the coach has just finished the briefing with the owner Gino Pozzo who arrived on purpose from across the Channel to understand more of the Udinese knockout the night before in Turin. As soon as he entered, he had time to hear the Tokyo Olympic champion with the quartet of the track that yes “in those last laps to continue traveling at the speed of seventy an hour and resist Ganna’s trains I had to think only of that, in a way strong and obsessive ». Gotti “immerses himself” in the film. Like all. Be captivated by that set of strong images and stories from the Pirate’s friends. In the end, he listens, meditates and, thanks to his degree in Pedagogy complete with masters and courses at the Cattolica in Milan, he goes to the boy, introduces himself and says: “What you tried has a name and surname and is called focus” . Milan jumped, Thomas Bertacche and Sabrina Baracetti, plenipotentiaries of the Visionario, look forward to minutes of sport, of life between the coach, teacher and the twenty-year-old champion. We remain on the sidelines, faithful to the “black and white media bubble”. Curious. We had never seen Gotti at work, the way he approached the boy made us understand many things. Focus, you have to focus on the goal, eliminate the superfluous, those useless things that go beyond your goal: keep winning. You had the class to do it at twenty, now you have ten years ahead and the hard part comes. Forgive the summary. “That day in Tokyo you made me excited,” said the coach, confessing that he spent 90 minutes “immersed” in front of Pantani’s film. He re-emerged, as maybe his Udinese will do. Basically it is always a question of “focus”. –

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