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Fu Hua: Leading diverse public opinions with mainstream thoughts and consolidating social consensus with mainstream values

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From November 24 to 25, the 2021 China Internet Media Forum will be held in Guangzhou. On the afternoon of the 24th, at the content forum hosted by Xinhuanet, Tencent, China Federation of Internet Social Organizations, and Yangcheng Evening News Group, guests from all walks of life conducted extensive discussions and exchanges on the topic of “Communication: Shaping Value” to grasp the general trend of online communication , Planning the future of all-media communication.

Fu Hua, Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Xinhua News Agency, delivered a speech at the meeting.

The following is an excerpt from the speech:

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the influence of core values ​​should be ubiquitous and always present like air. For mainstream media, to strengthen content construction is to find a carrier for mainstream value; to innovate network communication is to make mainstream value popular all over the world; to further promote the development of media integration is to strive to expand the territory of mainstream value influence. The main force advances into the main battlefield in an all-round way, not only to disseminate information and guide public opinion, but also to nourish the soul and shape the soul, lead multiple public opinions with mainstream ideas, and gather social consensus with mainstream values ​​to gather strong spiritual power and provide powerful public opinion for the new era and new journey support.

The first is to take a firm political stand and build a firm foundation of value.

The value orientation contained in the Internet determines the spiritual outlook of netizens; the opinion tendency that appears in the public opinion field affects the public’s social mentality. In the face of the complex ecology of online public opinion, mainstream media must always maintain the political determination of “not afraid of clouds and blinding one’s eyes” and “flying through chaotic clouds and still calmly”. The quasi-“fixed star” must be guided by Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, hold high the banner of ideology, play the strong voice of the times, and use ideas to guide and strengthen the appeal of public opinion. It is necessary to build the “foundation stone”, insist on making the report of the general secretary the top priority of the news and propaganda work, achieve “seeing every day, every day new, every day deep”, and lead hundreds of millions of netizens to resonate with one heart. It is necessary to calibrate the “navigator”, always have the “two overall situations” in mind, recognize the historical position, grasp the responsibility and mission, and build a broad consensus in cyberspace.

The second is to adhere to the correct orientation and highlight the value background.

The more the scale of information and data increases, the more valuable the content becomes. In the era of all-employee communication, mainstream media still possesses irreplaceable strength, which is strong in righteousness, strong in orientation, and strong in a clear value background. It is necessary to show the weather and pattern, wholeheartedly publicize the party’s propositions, reflect the aspirations of the people, record the spirit of the times, and adhere to the rigid supply of scientific theories, core values, and advanced culture while meeting general information needs. We must adhere to taste and style, not to be trapped by trends, not to be kidnapped by traffic, insist on being a producer of positive energy and composer of the main melody, set the tone amidst the noise of the crowd, neutralize the mind in the stirring of thoughts, and set a benchmark in the flow of people .

The third is to strengthen content innovation and enhance value content.

Content is the carrier of value, and mainstream value can be widely disseminated only if it is expressed through different themes and different forms of content. We promote the structural reform of the content supply side, which is to create as much as possible more rich and colorful news reports and cultural products, and at the same time increase the density of information, the depth of thought and the intensity of influence as much as possible. It is necessary to reflect the profoundness of the thought, trace the origin, explain the subtle, reveal the essence, explain the trend, and make the news more convincing in the solid, full, rigorous and meticulous discourse. Make good use of the lightness of the story, cleverly conceal motives, attitudes, propositions and tendencies through details, plots, pictures and artistic conceptions, and use spring breeze to melt rain and moisten things silently to make products more appealing.

Cyberspace has become a new space for building consensus. With high-quality content as the carrier and mainstream value as the guide, we will surely be able to consolidate and strengthen the mainstream ideological and public opinion, and jointly build a beautiful spiritual home on the Internet. I hope that through today’s forum, everyone will stir up the sparks of thought, gather wisdom, and work together to promote stronger positive energy and higher themes, and gather a powerful force on the Internet to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!


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