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Guardians win Draft Lottery and will choose first in 2024

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Guardians win Draft Lottery and will choose first in 2024

The Cleveland Guardians were the surprise winners of the MLB Draft Lottery on Tuesday, as they earned the top pick in the 2024 Draft. This will be the first time the Guardians have chosen at the top of the draft, having previously held the second position five times.

The news came as a shock to many, as the Guardians were only given a 2% chance of earning the first overall pick. The lottery system, which determines the order in which teams select in the MLB Draft, saw 17 of the 18 non-playoff teams competing for the first-round pick. The Guardians had the ninth-best chance of landing the top pick, with just a 2 percent chance, while the A’s, Rockies, and Royals had the highest odds at 18.3%.

The complete lottery results are as follows:
1. Guardians
2. Reds
3. Rockies
4. Athletics
5. White Sox
6. Royals
7. Cardinals
8. Angelino
9. Pirates
10. Nationals
11. Tigers
12. Red Sox
13. Giants
14. Dogs
15. Sailors
16. Marlins
17. Brewers
18. Rays

The rest of the first-round order will look like this:
19. Mets
20. Tiles
21. Twins
22. Orioles
23. Dodgers
24. Bravos
25. Parents
26. Yankees
27. Phillies
28. Astros
29. D-backs
30. Rangers
31. D-backs (received due to Corbin Carroll’s Rookie of the Year award)
32. Orioles (received due to Gunnar Henderson Rookie of the Year Award)
33. Twins (received as compensation for Sonny Gray)

The MLB Draft Lottery has once again shaken up the order for the upcoming draft, and the Cleveland Guardians have come out as the unexpected winners.

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