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Guo Shao is absent, Zhao Jiwei 14+7 carries the banner, Gao Shiyan hits the old master and comes in strength.Jqknews

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Original title: Guo Shao missed Zhao Jiwei 14+7 to carry the banner, Gao Shiyan hit the old master

Beijing time, October 19, news, the CBA local small point guard top contest. Tonight in the second round of the CBA in the new season, the Liaoning team overtook the Shandong team. In this game, Gao Shiyan faced the old master with speed and momentum. Zhao Jiwei continued to carry the back line on his shoulders when Guo Ailun was absent.

In this game, Gao Shiyan played 37 minutes and 41 seconds from the start, handed over 15 points, 1 rebound, 8 assists and 1 steal on 7 of 15 shots. He made only 1 turnover on the court. Looking at Zhao Jiwei again, he played 32 minutes and 37 seconds in the starting field, 14 points, 2 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 steals. When Zhao Jiwei is on the court, the Liaoning team has a +8 net win.

Remember that contest in Liaolu a year ago? On November 6, 2020, Gao Shiyan hit a three-pointer to kill the Liaoning team. Obviously, as long as he fights the old master, Gao Shiyan will be extra vigorous. Gao Shiyan started the game very positively, especially in the process of offensive and defensive transitions, his speed on the ball is very fast, and the breakthrough is also very aggressive. For Zhao Jiwei, he faces considerable pressure on the defensive end. In the middle of the first quarter, after Zhao Jiwei assisted Li Xiaoxu to score, Tao Hanlin quickly served the backcourt, Gao Shiyan immediately sent a long pass, and Ding Yan Yuhang, who was about to get off, scored a layup easily.

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This is Gao Shiyan’s ability and value. He is now the absolute core of the Shandong team’s backcourt. In the first half, Gao Shiyan played 19 minutes and scored 11 points and 3 assists on 5 of 9 shots. In the middle of the third quarter, Gao Shiyan caught the ball and attracted two tall men, Zhang Zhenlin and Zhu Rongzhen, to double-team, so he sent a floor ball between the two, assisting Tao Hanlin to complete a two-hand dunk. It is obvious from the game that Gao Shiyan has improved in all aspects after his three-person basketball experience this summer.

The Liaoning team now needs Zhao Jiwei more. Guo Ailun is absent, and only Zhao Jiwei is the only trusted point guard under Yang Ming. As we all know, Zhao Jiwei has good defensive ability and strong consciousness. More importantly, his overall view is great. In the third quarter of this campaign, Tao Hanlin received the ball inside and formed a dislocation, but before he raised the ball, Zhao Jiwei completed the steal and then counterattacked Zhou Juncheng to score. The hand speed of “Anshan Paul” is indeed amazing!

In the fourth quarter, Zhao Jiwei hit his second three-pointer from the outside. It was this three-pointer that completely extinguished the clarion call for the Shandong team to counterattack. How strong is Zhao Jiwei now? Following the 16 assists in the first game, he has 7 assists tonight. In two games, Zhao Jiwei sent a total of 23 assists. When Zhao Jiwei sent consecutive assists, it also meant that his pass revitalized the Liaoning team’s offense.

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