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Guo Tianyu met with Vizera’s teammates today and has been assigned a temporary translation to miss the warm-up_Portugal Super League_Portugal_First Line

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Guo Tianyu met with Vizera’s teammates today and has been assigned a temporary translation to miss the warm-up_Portugal Super League_Portugal_First Line

Original title: Guo Tianyu met with Vizera’s teammates today and has been assigned a temporary translator to miss the warm-up

Sports Weekly All Media Reporter Wang Xiaorui reported

On March 25, Guo Tianyu took a plane from Beijing to Portugal. Due to well-known reasons, this trip was very tossing. The previous 12-hour trip ended up taking 16 hours to complete. After arriving at Vizera, he quickly made his debut at the new club’s training ground. However, since the first two days of Weizera’s first team have been on holiday, Guo Tianyu will not be able to officially meet with his teammates until the morning of today (28th) at the earliest.

Due to the very difficult visa procedures, Guo Tianyu, who was on loan to Portuguese Super League Vizera as early as the end of January, was not able to leave until late March. During the period, in order to further maintain his personal competitive state, Guo Tianyu once trained with the Shandong Taishan first team. It’s just that because the Chinese Super League has not yet started, including the Taishan team’s early training trips to Guangzhou and Shanghai, they were forced to stranded due to changes in the epidemic. The effect of the team’s winter training preparations was not as ideal as expected. However, in China, Guo Tianyu has been doing his best to maintain a good physical condition, and the purpose is to wait until he arrives in Portugal to be able to integrate into the Vizera first team as soon as possible.

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Vizera’s last round of the Portuguese Super League ended on March 18, and the result was a 1-1 draw with Famalicao. At present, the team’s relegation situation is still not optimistic, and it is only 4 points more than the third-to-last Tongdela. Therefore, on this international match day, Vizera did not take too long a holiday for the first team. On the contrary, the team went to Condi last Friday to play a teaching match with Portugal’s second-tier team Rio Ave, which ended in a 0-0 draw. To a certain extent, this score once again reflects the fact that Vizera is incompetent. In fact, the team has won 7 consecutive rounds of the Portuguese Super League, and the average number of goals per game in these 7 games is only 1.

After returning from the town of Condi, the head coach Alvaro Pacheco gave the team a two-day holiday, with the stipulation being to regroup on March 28. It just so happened that Guo Tianyu arrived at Vizera last weekend, so he had no chance to meet with most of his teammates at all, nor to watch the first team’s warm-up games in person. Because of this, in the personal videos of Guo Tianyu that people have seen, he can only train alone for the first two days.

Vizera belongs to the Braga district in Portugal. It is not only sparsely populated, but the city’s population is less than 25,000, and the area is only 24.7 kilometers. And on weekends, most locals choose to go to Porto not far away for vacation. Therefore, Guo Tianyu didn’t have much chance to feel the sports atmosphere of this small town two days before arriving in Vizera, although there are more than ten local sports clubs such as Vizera FC. However, the club has found a temporary translator proficient in Chinese and Portuguese for him, and this week, Guo Tianyu’s personal living arrangements will also be further implemented.

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According to the reporter’s understanding, this morning (28th), Guo Tianyu will meet with the new coach and teammates one by one in the first training session after Vizera’s resignation. But whether it can immediately enter the joint training of the large army, it remains to be observed by the head coach Pacheco. However, even if Guo Tianyu still needs to recover and adjust individually a few days ago, it is expected that the joint training will not need to wait too long. As for when the Portuguese Super League debut can be staged, this topic was originally very suspenseful. But considering that Vizera is now in the quagmire of relegation, and it is also urgent to produce a chemical reaction in the midfield and frontcourt, if Guo Tianyu is in good training condition, it is not that he has no chance to be used. Of course, the Portuguese Super League team’s inspection of center players mainly focuses on the tactical role, which is different from the Chinese league’s emphasis on individual ability. This is also a difficulty that Guo Tianyu needs to challenge with all his strength.

Interestingly, except for the head coach Pacheco, who is 50 years old, almost all the other members of the coaching staff of the Vizera first team were born after 1989, and the youngest was only three years older than Guo Tianyu. In addition, the team also has a personal trainer, Joao Luis Azevedo. Under normal circumstances, when it comes to the integration of new players into the team, Azevedo will play a more important role.Return to Sohu, see more

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