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Haddadi has 6 points, 7 rebounds and 10 assists in the offense, and the United Arab League is at a disadvantage._Sichuan Team_Guangdong Team_Yi Jianlian

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Original title: Haddadi 6 points, 7 rebounds and 10 assists on offense

At 15:00 on January 26, Beijing time, the match between Guangdong and Sichuan in the second stage of the regular season started on time. The Guangdong team defeated the Sichuan team 110-76. Sichuan team Haddadi scored 6 points, 7 rebounds and 10 assists. And his old rival Yi Jianlian scored 22 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals. In contrast, the athletic ability and offensive power of the UAE are now significantly stronger than Haddadi.

After the opening, Yi Jianlian pulled the ball to the outside with the left wing and scored 3 points in the face of Haddadi. As the top players in Asia, Yi Jianlian and Haddadi have fought in the national team and league for more than ten years, and they know each other well and know the bottom line. Yi Jianlian’s fight against Haddadi mainly used the flexibility of his footsteps to attack the weaknesses that Haddadi could not prevent. And Haddadi’s strength is more dominant. But as he grows older, Haddadi won’t be able to last long if he only relies on strength to single against the UAE.

Haddadi quickly returned with a half basket, and then blocked Ledo in the paint. After that, Haddadi also succeeded in taking over the pot. When approaching 24 seconds, he threw his teammate’s pass into a buzzer-beating three-pointer. The UAE also played very well, scoring 8 points in half a quarter. Haddadi hoisted a pass to Zhang Dianliang, who made a layup. Haddadi’s passing skills have always been one of the best among the No. 5s in Asia.

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After that, Hu Mingxuan also smashed the basket, and was also ruthlessly hated by Haddadi. Although Haddadi’s ability to protect the frame is still outstanding, there are many breakthrough players in the Guangdong team. Once Haddadi fouls too much or his physical strength declines, the Guangdong team’s breakthrough score will increase rapidly. Haddadi played for 21 minutes and 24 seconds in the first half, and only rested for less than 3 minutes. Got 5 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds.

Before this game, the Sichuan team ranked 15th with 9 wins and 17 losses, 3 wins away from the 12th place Jilin team in the playoffs. Facing the powerful Guangdong team in this game, Haddadi still played for such a long time because he had to fight hard to keep his weak hope of qualifying for the playoffs.

After changing sides to fight again, Haddadi hung up and Jing Han made a layup. Haddadi missed several attacks. The defensive end was fouled by the United Arab League and made 2 free throws. Haddadi made a left jumper, fouled Zhou Peng and made 1 of 2 free throws. At the end of the third quarter, the Sichuan team was already 30 points behind. Still, Haddadi continued to fight in the fourth quarter. After playing for a while, Haddadi was replaced due to the hopeless tie.

After the loss in this game, the Sichuan team has been 4 games behind the 12th place. With only 11 rounds left in the regular season, the Sichuan team’s promotion situation is already very serious. For Haddadi, who is in the late stages of his career, perhaps his long and honorable basketball journey will end after this season.

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