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Hanger in Malagò: “The ATP Finals are the heritage of the whole country, it is useless to register the merits”

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TURIN. The controversy between the former mayor Chiara Appendino and the president of Coni Giovanni Malagò, who yesterday explained that he had proposed months ago to the first citizen to compete for the ATP, does not subside. «I remember very well when President Malagò called me on the evening of his assignment in Turin. He was very nice, he complimented me and asked me, even in quite colorful language, how I had managed to bring home such an important result ». Thus Appendino gives the thrust at the top of Italian sport. And it doesn’t stop there. It is no coincidence: for some days relations have become tense and two alignments have been drawn between national sport and Turin politics. One is what Appendino (who is now the vice president of Federtennis) sees together with Angelo Biraghi, number one of the Italian racket federation. The second is done by Malagò and the mayor Stefano Lo Russo. The former intent on defending the ATP Finals and their organization, the latter much more perplexed, both on the subject and on the lack of subalpine candidacy for the winter Olympics won by Milan and Cortina.

“The original idea”
Just yesterday Malagò said that «The idea of ​​bringing the Finals to Turin is mine. I’m sorry that Appendino doesn’t remember how it went. ” The reply of the former mayor does not just deny that circumstance: «I can only see that today the team that brought the Finals to Italy is under attack for reasons that are difficult to understand for those who love sport. But if it’s a race to pay for the event, so be it. The ATP Finals are a heritage of the city and of the whole country ». Appendino continues: «I am sorry that President Malagò did not make himself heard, I would certainly have been pleased to clarify any misunderstandings in person and then take him to visit the PalaAlpitour venue. And I do not deny that I would have liked your greater involvement in the management of the problems that emerged with CTS. Tennis deserves the same respect as other sports ”.
All-out attack
In short, an all-out attack: not only on words, but also on the work in relation to the sporting event in these days in Turin. It does not end here, given that the former mayor also gives the jab on the Olympics: “As far as I’m concerned, I do not intend to feed the endless controversy over the 2026 Olympics. I simply say that Malagò has known for a long time that if he wants to save money Italian taxpayers can do it: the Turin and Piedmont plants were made available at the time by Chiamparino and me ».

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