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Heilongjiang team won the gold medal in the curling open mixed doubles competition-Sports-China Engineering Network

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Heilongjiang Team Takes Gold in “Fourteenth Winter” Curling Open Group Mixed Doubles Competition

The “Fourteenth Winter” curling open group mixed doubles final took place on February 20 at the Inner Mongolia Ice Sports Training Center in Hailar District, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia. In a closely contested match, the Heilongjiang team emerged victorious, defeating the Fujian team 7:6 and clinching the gold medal.

The competition, which consisted of 8 rounds, saw the Heilongjiang team represented by Bad Xin and Jiang Yilun, while Wang Zhiyu and Zhu Zeyangxu represented the Fujian team. Despite a strong performance from both teams, the Heilongjiang team ultimately triumphed in the extra round after a hard-fought battle.

After the game, 33-year-old Bad Xin expressed the difficulties they faced, stating, “Our opponents are younger and more physically capable. Our advantage is that we have rich experience in competitions. At the critical moment, we persevered.”

Both Bad Xin and Jiang Yilun have extensive experience in curling. Bad Xin placed fourth with the Chinese men’s team at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, and Jiang Yilun won the mixed doubles gold medal at the last National Winter Games. The pair, who are both college teachers, had only one year to prepare for the competition due to work commitments.

The performance of Wang Zhiyu and Zhu Zeyangxu of the Fujian team was also noteworthy. The team, which is the first provincial team for ice and snow sports established in Fujian, has shown steady improvement in their performance. “We must continue to train hard and at the same time actively promote the project,” stated Fujian team coach Li Hongbo.

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The competition not only showcased the skill and determination of the athletes, but also highlighted the growing popularity of curling in China. With both teams expressing a desire to continue competing and promoting the sport, the future of curling in China looks bright.

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