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Hungary-Italy, Donnarumma, Dimarco and Cristante interviewed

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Hungary-Italy, Donnarumma, Dimarco and Cristante interviewed

The goalkeeper, best in the field in Hungary: “In June with Germany I made a mistake, now I have to continue like this. The saves? Merit of Mother Nature”. Cristante: “It was necessary”

Among the protagonists of the beautiful victory in Hungary, Gigio Donnarumma stands out, author of some decisive interventions. “It took the victory to restore some enthusiasm, even if there is no going back and the World Championship is an open wound. Now let’s go to the Final Four and try to win them. My saves? Sometimes a mistake can happen and for it’s hard for us goalkeepers. But you always have to work hard and understand where you went wrong. Unfortunately in June (with Germany, ed) I made a mistake that I shouldn’t have made. I worked on it, we talked about it with the coach. game already downhill and I killed her. I have to work on that too: understand when you can play the ball and when not. Now you have to move on. In today’s parades is it more instinct, technique or Mother Nature? Mother Nature I think. Now but I have to continue like this, I have to do it for all of Italy and for those who believe in me. I thank my family and my girlfriend “.


The winger of Inter, which continues its remarkable rise, has marked a historic goal, the number 1,500 of the national team. “I am happy with the first goal against Italy, but the important thing was to win. I have come a long way to get here. I am happy to have achieved this result and now I enjoy it.”

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On the same line Bryan Cristante. “We have been good at winning these two games and we are going to play these finals. The disappointment is great for the World Cup, but nothing can be done and the only solution is to start again. There is a path to take and we must believe in it. . We are strong and we can do great things “.

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