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‘I started betting at 16, it was a game, then it became an illness’

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‘I started betting at 16, it was a game, then it became an illness’

A still long journey but now well underway, the disqualification deadline for the betting case will be on May 19th, just in time for the final match of the championship. First, however, Nicolò Beans will have to complete the cycle of 10 public meetings, an accessory ‘penalty’ compared to the disqualification, but an important commitment to growth: “I started the first times when I was 16, at the beginning it was like a game, then little by little it became an illness, I started sports betting straight away – he explained during the meeting at the Araldo theater in Turin – Losing everything is not a good game, I’m much better now than I was a year ago, it was the hardest time of my life. What makes me feel good now? Being with family, friends and playing sports.”

“Difficult to stay off the field, the European Championship? A dream”

Fagioli misses the pitch: “From my point of view it would definitely have helped me to continue playing football. Being away from the fields is a punishment they gave me but it made things even more difficult – she added – I really want to be back on the pitch, I can’t wait for May 19th when the disqualification will end, I should play the last championship match on May 25th. Little by little you realize that you miss the locker room and being together with your teammates, especially when they win. This season is going better than last year, it was hard and it’s still hard to stay away from the fields and experience good moments with them. The Europeans? That’s a dream”. Last October 19, the Juve midfielder had agreed to a 12-month ban, of which only 7 were away from the pitch, a fine of 12,500 euros plus a six-month therapeutic plan and a series of 10 matches at amateur sports associations, Territorial federal centres, centers for recovery from gambling addiction, and in any case according to the indications and program proposed by the FIGC.

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