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Ignazio Moser, Aldo Montano, Nicola Ventola partners of Cristina Lodi’s Golden Saber Agency

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Ignazio Moser, Aldo Montano, Nicola Ventola partners of Cristina Lodi’s Golden Saber Agency

A team of talents hunting for talent. It’s not just a play on words, but a reality that of Golden Saber Agency, a Sports and Celebrity Management agency that follows influencer marketing projects. They made their talent and experience available in different fields: Ignazio Moser, son of art, Aldo Montano Olympic fencing champion, Nicola Ventola, former footballer, to found Golden together with the entrepreneur and their manager Cristina Lodi. Saber Agency.

The Golden Saber team includes several sporting talents such as Fabio Basile, Olympic Judo gold medalist, as well as medal number 200 at the Rio 2016 Olympics and Frank Chamizo, bronze medalist in freestyle wrestling again at Rio 2016. In short, a hotbed of great talents in sport, who believed in the ambitious project of Cristina Lodi, who in 2017 oversaw the entry of Ignazio Moser who joined GF Vip, where he began a path of growth between fashion and sport brands. It is after Cristina’s television experience and managerial management that in 2020 Moser asked to found a new company and join Golden Saber as a partner.

The agency deals with strategic consultancy for brands, press offices, media centers and digital platforms and follows personalities not only from the sports world, but also from the universe of celebrities and influencers, while Nicola Ventola, for his part, does his joining as a partner to ensure that the agency also approaches the world of football.

Today Golden Saber can boast a rich team of talents capable of intercepting celebrities, testimonials, bloggers, digital creators and social reviewers from smaller communities, but capable of forging a stronger and more authentic bond with their followers, based on vertical content and more sincere and personal social communication.

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Golden Saber’s main activity is to connect brands with these figures with authentic and non-generic talent. "This is what we started doing from the first years of activity, focusing, for example, on Ignazio Moser when he was not yet a television personality. Inclusivity and transversality are key words in our way of operating: we focus on profiles that are unique and have true stories to tell. The future of social networks lies in quality and competence" declares Cristina Lodi.

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