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Wildlife species released into Drummond conservation areas

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Wildlife species released into Drummond conservation areas

Drummond Ltd. ratifies its commitment to the care and protection of wildlife through the rescue and protection of species. On this occasion, in alliance with the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cesar, Corpocesar, and the Center for the Care and Assessment of Wild Fauna and Flora (CAVFFS), 33 individuals of 16 species were released into their conservation zones.

Among the released animals, the following stand out: ocelot, sloth bear, owl, eagle, babillas, hicoteas, porcupine, armadillo, guacharaca, pigua, carri carri, boas and a hive of bees.

“We receive from the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cesar different species in our biosensor zones established in the mining operations, which have the conditions for their adaptability,” said Jimmy Rojas Pinto, assistant supervisor of biodiversity at Drummond Ltd.

The release was carried out in conservation areas of the mining company, located in its operations in the department of Cesar, among them, the Paujil Reservoir, which has the appropriate characteristics for these species to be conserved and have the ability to reproduce. in its natural habitat.

“By releasing this group of wildlife individuals in Drummond we have the guarantees that they are safe and will continue their reproductive cycle. It should be noted that all these released species have undergone a clinical and biological veterinary rehabilitation process at CAVFFS,” mentioned Marino Zuleta, Corpocesar veterinarian.

The released fauna was in a state of abandonment and/or captivity, which is why the environmental authorities intervened to ensure its rescue, evaluation, support and prompt release.

With these actions, Drummond Ltd. complies with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 15, Life of Terrestrial Ecosystems, within the framework of its environmental commitment.

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