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Inter: 31 million and the no to Dybala, how much Correa cost you

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Inter: 31 million and the no to Dybala, how much Correa cost you

Inzaghi strongly wanted it and continues to defend it, but the high cost of the investment and the renunciation of Joya make people argue. And for the Tucu they become a burden

Mister 31 million is an unpleasant label, of course. Joaquin Correa struggles to take it off, because the performance was not up to the investment, because the expectations for him were high. Indeed, they still are. They are especially so for Simone Inzaghi, who was the main sponsor of Tucu: he strongly wanted him in the days of farewell to Lukaku, he defended him from the first criticisms of last season. He encouraged him at the beginning of this, even publicly. The technician put his face on it. But the answer was not positive. And it is evident how now Lukaku’s return will end up further reducing the Argentine’s space. Romelu and Lautaro have the front row, behind them Dzeko has the curriculum, the weight and the stature of the champion: his limits, if anything, must be sought only in the identity card.


Correa is not the first Argentine to arrive in the history of Inter with a load of expectations that are difficult to bear. In his case, it’s not just the famous 31 million that weighs in. Because it is as if Inzaghi had bought it twice, not once. The second just a few months ago, between June and July. Those were the days when Inter had Paulo Dybala in their hands. The agreement was only filed, the choice of the former Juventus player was made. Then Lukaku arrived, and it’s history. But that is not all. Because even after the arrival of the Belgian there was the possibility of bringing the Joya to Appiano. A sale would have been necessary, in addition to that of Sanchez. And Inter had received some polls for Correa: no in-depth negotiations, but something had moved from the Premier, in those days they probably spoke of West Ham not by chance. Here: even in those situations, as already a few weeks before, Inzaghi has held back on the possibility. He didn’t accelerate, it can be said. Not even faced with the opportunity to enter the Dybala house. The coach went to the bottom, he inquired about the former Juventus number 10. And he trusted the judgment of some people close to him, long-time acquaintances, who warned him about Joya’s physical condition.

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At that point the chances of seeing Dybala in Inter were further reduced, until the call of Roma. Who now, curiously, is the opponent from whom Inzaghi asks for the points to restart. He who knows what history would have been like without that summer braking. Many are asking for it: the fans, but also the professionals. It is up to Correa, in these days with the national team together with Dybala, to shake off the perennial combination with the top investment, which (so far) has made Lotito’s joy but certainly less than Zhang’s.

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