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Inter, Zhang slows down: Acerbi’s arrival from Lazio could be missed

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Inter, Zhang slows down: Acerbi’s arrival from Lazio could be missed

The property would not be convinced to further raise the amount of wages with the arrival of the Lazio player. The Chabolah and Akanji slopes have now set

The arrival of Francesco Acerbi at Inter is not so certain. Steven Zhang seems not to be convinced of the operation that would lead the Lazio defender to the Nerazzurri, further raising the salary. The 34-year-old was due to arrive in Milan tomorrow for medical examinations and the signing of the 2.2 million euro contract expiring in June 2023 after the Inter management had reached an agreement with the Biancoceleste one for the free loan with the right of redemption.

Chabolah e Akanji

Chabolah, who will remain at Chelsea after Tuchel fielded him as a starter against Leicester, and Akanji, still out of the team in Dortmund but not interested in reducing his salary for a possible sale, have also faded. It is easier for him to reach Inter as a free agent next summer. Although, as reported by the Daily Mail, Leicester is also on him, who would like to hire him as a replacement for Fofana, who is about to move to Chelsea for 82 million plus bonuses.


On the other hand, Milan Srkiniar’s stay is certain, as Marotta confirmed to Dazn: “Last week the owners expressed their desire not to be flattered by Paris Saint-Germain. For us it is a very important element and as such it will certainly remain. veiled threat (to take him in June 2023 on a free transfer, ed.) will not undermine the values ​​of a serious boy. We will soon start discussions for the renewal of the contract to tie him to Inter for many years “.

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