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Lake Maggiore, collision between a motorboat and a rubber dinghy: seven injured including three children and a girl

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Lake Maggiore, collision between a motorboat and a rubber dinghy: seven injured including three children and a girl

Accident on Lake Maggiore in the evening today. Firefighters, helicopter rescue, ambulances and law enforcement agencies intervened following a collision between two boats that took place in the stretch of lake between Lesa, on the Novara side and Ranco, on the Varese side. It happened at 6.30 pm: in the impact, between a rubber dinghy and a motorboat, some people ended up in the water. Seven are injured: a 14-year-old girl, hit in the hand by the propeller of one of the boats, was transported to the hospital in Monza by helicopter rescue. Three other children, in yellow code, are hospitalized in Varese.

The clash was violent. According to the first testimonies, the motorboat ended up against the dinghy that was stopped about 250 meters from the shore, hitting it on the right side, for reasons yet to be established. Four ambulances and two self-medications have arrived on the lakeside of Ranco; in the water, in addition to the men of the water rescue of the fire brigade of the detachment of Ispra, the coast guard and the patrols of the carabinieri. Now the carabinieri of Gallarate (Varese) and the Coast Guard of Lesa (Novara) are investigating the dynamics of the accident. The two boats were made available to the judicial authority

Firefighters during the rescue

There are nine people involved in the accident. On board the two boats there were in fact two people on the rubber dinghy (both unharmed) while on the boat there were seven people (the injured) including four minors, including a two-year-old child. A 14-year-old girl was transported by helicopter to the San Gerardo hospital in Monza for injuries to her hand caused by the propeller of one of the two boats. Three children were instead transferred in yellow code to the Filippo Del Ponte hospital in Varese. The conditions of the other three, slightly injured adults, are of no concern.

From the archive / Viverone, the race in the lake kills children

The accident, fortunately not as dramatic, closely resembles the one that in August 1994, on Lake Viverone, cost the lives of three boys between 11 and 13 years of age and a woman of 40. A tragedy that shook Italy whole: even in that case a motorboat ended up against a rubber dinghy, but that time at the controls of the two boats there were two people who knew each other, two brothers-in-law who, according to what emerged later, were engaged in a sort of “race” zigzagging and overtaking far beyond the prescribed speed limits on the small stretch of water.

Free the German tourist who killed his boyfriends on Lake Garda, the pain of Umberto’s father: “He never apologized, now he can also go on vacation”

by Manuela Messina

And among the precedents there is also the most recent accident on Lake Garda in which two Germans, then sentenced to mild sentences and released, killed their boyfriends Umberto Garzarella by overwhelming them with their motorboat on June 19 last year. , 37, and Greta Nedrotti, 24, who were aboard a goiter.

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