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Inventory of players who have changed positions in Chinese football, many fullbacks became famous with this._Zheng Zhi_Deng Zhuoxiang_1

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Inventory of players who have changed positions in Chinese football, many fullbacks became famous with this._Zheng Zhi_Deng Zhuoxiang_1

Original title: Counting the players who changed positions in Chinese football, many full-backs became famous for this

On the football field, many players have changed positions due to various reasons, such as Pique, who also played as a striker in Barcelona. And Jin Xinyu, who was very successful in Shenhua last year, was actually a center back when he debuted, and after being transformed into a forward, he became an indispensable center for foreign teams. In fact, in the history of Chinese football, there are also many examples of players who became famous because they changed to other positions.

Zheng Zhi — full-back switched to midfield

If Zheng Zhi, who is already 40 years old, is still standing on the field, as the main defender of Evergrande, he has brought 8 league championships to Evergrande. But in fact, when he first debuted in the Liaoning team, Zheng Zhi was a right back. At that time, due to property rights disputes, he was basically difficult to play and was not well known. However, Horton and Zhu Guanghu had a good eye, and Horton tried to recruit him into the Olympic team. In the subsequent delisting meeting, Zhu Guanghu took Zheng Zhi, brought him to Shenzhen, and changed him to the front. Waist position, he won the Chinese Footballer of the Year at the age of 22.

Because of its diversity, Zheng Zhi’s position has also changed many times between the midfielder and the defender. In the 2004 Asian Cup, the Chinese team led by the company Han put Zheng Zhi in the center back position, partnering with Li Weifeng, Zheng Zhi’s performance Still lived up to expectations, and won the runner-up with his teammates. Since then, he was still the main attacking midfielder and transferred from Shandong Luneng to Charlton. He is the absolute main force most trusted by coach Pardue. Later, at Evergrande, Zheng Zhi played the main role in the midfield, and also won the Asian Footballer of the Year.

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Deng Zhuoxiang–full back to play attacking midfielder

Deng Zhuoxiang has disappeared from the fans’ field of vision for a long time. People’s memories of him mostly stop at breaking the gate of foreign teams and his shocking free kick. In fact, Deng Zhuoxiang played at full-back when he debuted in 2005. In the World Junior Championship, Deng Zhuoxiang was selected into the final list. At that time, he was still a left-back in the World Junior Championship, and in the game against Peru, he relied on a long shot from the back to break the gate of Peru. With this goal, China 1- 0 victory over Peru and the final group qualifying, he was also called “Chinese Carlos” by the media at that time.

In 2006, Deng Zhuoxiang began to play the attacking midfielder position in the league, and his advantages in technology and vision began to be gradually exerted. In 2009, Gao Hongbo handed over the No. 10 jersey to him after he took office as the national team, but Deng Zhuoxiang did not live up to his high expectations. In the East Asian semi-finals against foreign countries, Deng Zhuoxiang trained three people and scored a goal, and then played against foreign countries. In the middle of the game, he asked the head coach to suspend his replacement, and sent out a lift ball to break the door of Loris. In that game, China defeated foreign countries 1-0.

Tao Wei–Full-back switched to attacking midfielder

In addition to this, there are many excellent cases of changing from full-back to midfield. Tao Wei of Beijing Guoan was the main left-back when Jianlibao studied in Brazil. At that time, Tao Wei even played a three-back left center back, but with his excellent technology and organizational skills, in 2003, Tao Wei switched to playing the attacking midfielder, and since then he has become the core of Guoan’s midfield.

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Xie Feng–forward to full-back

Speaking of a typical figure who played a forward to a full-back, Xie Feng is one of them. Originally in Guoan, Xie Feng played as a forward. In the first year of the league in 1994, he scored 11 goals. In the commercial competition that year, Guoan defeated AC Milan. In the game, Xie Feng also scored a goal. The following year, with Gao Hongbo’s return to Guoan, Jin Zhiyang decided to play Xie Feng as a full-back to give play to his fast speed, and this change really allowed Xie Feng to show. Out of his advantages, he ran 50 meters and scored a goal in the game against Tianjin. Since then, he has entered the national team for the first time at the age of 30.

Wang Gang–The forward changed to full-back

In the history of Beijing Guoan, in addition to Xie Feng, Wang Gang is also one of the models of forwards changing to defenders. At first, when he studied abroad in the Portuguese Super League and the National Olympic Games, he was a striker. Because of his tall stature and excellent physical fitness, Blazevic recruited him to the Olympic qualifying match against Oman for the national Olympic team and made him a single center. However, he did not show his ability and characteristics. He was sent off after halftime, and he also missed the national brand after that.

After returning to China, in Shandong Luneng, he only played as a winger. During the period of playing for Renren, he began to play as a fullback, and won the favor of Guoan, who lacked fullbacks. In the position of fullback, he was fast. The characteristics of excellent physical fitness were brought into full play, and in the AFC Champions League match with Urawa Ruby, he completely exploded his left wing. After the game, Urawa head coach Oliveira sighed, “Guoan’s No. 38 player (Wang Gang) almost blew Urawa up, but we still managed to hold on to the score, which was not easy.”

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Li Bing – full back to striker

Li Bing was originally a full-back. In the 1992 Asian Cup, Li Bing was recruited by Schlapner to the national team and participated in the event as the main left-back. In the first game against Saudi Arabia, Li Bing scored for the team. a ball. However, because of his repeated breakthroughs, in this cup, Li Bing also gained a nickname, “the most easily broken left-back”.

When the professional league started in 1994, Li Bing was assigned to the center position by Liaoning team coach Wang Hongli, but he became famous because of it. In the first year of the professional league, Li Bing scored 10 league goals and won the Chinese Footballer of the Year. In the 1998 Dynas Cup East Asia Semifinals, the Chinese team defeated a foreign team 2-0 with two goals from Li Bing. This was also the last time the Chinese national team defeated a foreign team.

In fact, in addition to these players, there are many players who have played in multiple positions and have also achieved success. Fan Zhiyi, who used to play mainly at center back, appeared in the forward line and scored in Xu Genbao’s decision to liberate Fan Zhiyi in 1995. With 15 goals, he won the top scorer. After that, Xu Yunlong, the meritorious captain of Beijing Guoan, actually debuted as a forward, and then mainly played as a full-back. In the game against Brazil in 2002, he also had a scene of playing with Carlos, and then with age As well as the growth of experience, Xu Yunlong is also fixed in the position of central defender.Return to Sohu, see more


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